Acrylic Paint on Leather

Acrylic Paint on Leather – Your Guide to Using Acrylic Leather Paint

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Leather is an amazing, durable material that looks great, and can be used for furniture items, shoes, jackets, and other clothing items, as well as many different types of accessories. However, at times your leather furniture may just require a little touch-up, or you may want to customize your shoes or add some extra color to your leather jacket. Can you use acrylic paint on leather? The answer is definitely yes, and what is more, acrylic paint is not only ideal for use on leather but is the best paint to use for all your leather items. We will be explaining how to use acrylic paint on leather and how to always get the best results.    

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What Is the Best Leather Paint?

For the answer to this question, you can either use leather paint or ordinary acrylic paint, it will all depend on the project you are busy with. However, most of the paints for leather are all acrylic-based in any case. If you decide to use standard acrylic paints that are suited for paper, canvas, or wood, for your leather project, it will be a lot cheaper, but you will soon notice it does not stick properly to the leather and will eventually start to peel, crack and chip.

Not all kinds of paint are good for leather items, but acrylic leather paint is specially manufactured for leather. These paints are non-toxic, water-based, and more durable and hard-wearing than the standard acrylic or other types of paint. If your project has to do with clothing items, then acrylic leather paint is the answer as the leather clothing item will have to be dry-cleaned. This means heat and steam are used, so your paint needs to be very durable.

Acrylic Paint on Shoes

Other available options are acrylic spray paints, for use where you have a larger area to cover. Spray paints provide more control of the thickness of each layer of paint and give you a more even surface. There are also leather dyes you can use for your leather projects, where you can have the same colors available as you do for acrylic paints. As the dye permeates into the leather surface, it provides you with a much more durable and permanent finish.

Lastly, there is the option of acrylic paint pen or marker sets that are specifically designed for use on leather. These are permanent markers and are used mainly for more detailed leatherwork, where you have more intricate designs that you want to display on your leather item.


Best Acrylic Leather Paint

It does not matter if you are a seasoned painter or if you have little or no experience in painting. Painting on leather can be a fun experience, as you can decorate or refurbish your old furniture or clothing items. Acrylic leather paint is the best paint for you to use as it is specially designed for use on leather, but you should always ensure that you seal the paint to achieve a smooth finish and long-lasting effect, without cracking or fading over time.

Best Acrylic Spray Sealer

Let us now consider the best brand of acrylic leather paint available for you to use. In selecting this product as the best acrylic leather paint, the following factors were taken into account:

  • Nothing below a 4.5-star amazon review rating was considered
  • The focus was on acrylic paint specially designed for use on leather
  • Quality was the number one factor
  • This product also had extra colors you could buy to add to your stock


Recommended Acrylic Leather Paint: ANGELUS Leather Paint Set

The Angelus Leather Paint Set is a set of leather paint that has been specially designed for use on leather and has been recommended as the most trusted leather acrylic paint for use on sneakers, for shoe repairs as well as shoe care, but can be used for any of your designs on any leather item you have. This paint is non-toxic, so it is safe to use, water-based and easy to clean up, durable, and gives you a semi-gloss finish. The paint is also very flexible and will not peel, crack, fade or rub off.

This paint set contains 12 bright colors including black, blue, lilac, white, brown, purple, pink, orange, yellow, red, turquoise, and greens that are all ideally suited for leather clothing projects. The perfect solution to cover up nicks and marks on leather objects. The paint colors come in 1-ounce jars, which you can mix and apply different shades, or you can create your unique color.


  • Semi-gloss finish once paint dries
  • High quality
  • Fairly inexpensive
  • Long-lasting
  • 12 Bright colors
  • Non-toxic and safe to use
  • Water-based easy to clean up
  • Versatile can be used on any leather product


  • Requires a sealer to protect the paint
  • Paints are not water-proof



A Closer Look at Acrylic Paint Pens or Markers

When the term ‘paint or marker pen’ is used, it can lead to much confusion as it can refer to three different items, namely acrylic paint pens or markers, oil-based pens or markers, and permanent ink pens or markers. Let us now consider each one of these separately to properly understand what an acrylic paint pen or marker is.

Best Leather Paint for Shoes


Oil Paint Pens or Markers

You will always know when you are using an oil-based paint pen or marker because you have to shake the pen vigorously before you use it to mix the paint in the pen properly. When doing this, you will hear the sound of the metal ball inside the barrel. Another marked indicator for these types of paint pens is that they produce a very strong smell. This means they should be used in well-ventilated areas and are not recommended for use by children.

The oil-based paint pens also take a lot longer to dry than the acrylic paint pens and are more suited for non-porous surfaces as they tend to bleed through if applied to a porous surface. Also, they do not require sealing or topcoats once dry.


Permanent Ink Pens or Markers

Many people often confuse these pens for acrylic paint pens, but there is a big difference as these ink pens are ink-based, and as such, they perform very differently from paint-based pens. They also dry fairly fast, and when applied to a white surface, they perform well. However, ink-based pens have fewer application methods. The ink-based pens do not show up very well on any dark surfaces, neither do they work very well on porous surfaces, and the option of layering or blending is not possible.

Top Acrylic Leather Paint for Shoes


Acrylic Paint Pens or Markers

These types of paint pens are ideal for use by kids for school projects. Also, the pens are great for the family to use when decorating items around the house, for example, rock painting, or painting on leather, or any other DIY project you may want to consider. They are water-based, so they are safe to use and are gaining popularity very quickly. Many acrylic paint artists prefer to use them rather than the brush and the paint palette. The acrylic paint pen or marker has a felt tip, and the marker is filled with a large stock of acrylic paint in its barrel. The acrylic paint in this pen has been diluted so it is not as thick as the original acrylic paint, allowing the paint to flow easily and evenly out of the pen. The properties are the same as the original acrylic paint, like quick-drying time as well as excellent coverage.

The acrylic paint pen is used mainly for intricate and detailed artwork and the small felt tip allows you to apply small amounts of the paint at one time. This provides excellent coverage as well as artwork that will last for a very long time. Here are some other properties that make these acrylic paint pens so appealing.



The acrylic paint pens are very versatile and can be used on any type of surface, light, dark, smooth, rough, plastic, glass, wood, metal, leather, rubber, and much more. You can use it to paint on your T-shirts, mugs, keyrings, rocks, or any other personalized items you may have in your possession.

Acrylic Paint Sealer Rocks



As the acrylic paint pens are water-based, they are safe to use by all age groups but are not recommended for children under the age of three. It is also a good idea for your children to wear an apron when using the pens, to protect their clothing as the paint becomes permanent when dry. To clean all you need to do is use some soap and water afterward. Most of the acrylic paint pens are mainly for decorative purposes only, and as such, should not be used where food is involved or used on items where the kids are eating or drinking.

Always check to see if the pens are food-safe and non-toxic. It is also not recommended that your artwork be sent through the dishwasher or washing machine, as you may damage all your hard work.


Ease of Use

The most important advantage that acrylic paint pens have over regular brush on acrylic paints, is that it is a lot less messy, there are no cleaning brushes or palettes, you just pick up the pen and start painting. The acrylic paint pens save a lot of paint and money as there is no wastage like on the brushes and palettes, which are just washed away. Paint pens provide greater control than a brush does, and all that is required before you start is to shake the pens, press down on the nib, and away you go. Many of the paint pens come with different nib styles, and you can change the nibs to another one for the effect you are looking for.

Acrylic Leather Paint Pens

One disadvantage is that you cannot see how much paint is still left in the pen, and you can easily run out of paint before you finish your artwork. Zieler, one of the paint pen manufacturers, has designed a pen that has a transparent barrel, which makes it easy to see the exact amount of paint you still have over in your pen at all times.



Most of the acrylic paint pens or markers give you a permanent finish after it dries, but this statement needs to be clarified. If you use the paint pens on porous surfaces like wood, leather, fabric, paper, or stone, then you are guaranteed that your artwork will last for a long time. However, if you use it on any non-porous surface like glass, ceramics, metal, or mirrors, the paint will crack and peel off over time.

To avoid this from happening on your ceramic and porcelain items, you can place your cup or plate in the oven which will allow the paint to set permanently. You can also consider applying a sealing or topcoat of varnish to make the paint permanent.


Finish and Color Range

You need to be careful with the amount of water your paint pens have as this can affect the vibrant colors. You will also not be able to layer your paint effectively, a set of paint pens with quality colors will give your artwork the best result. These pens dry with a matt or a gloss finish so you need to decide what type of finish you are looking for.

Best Acrylic Paint on Shoes


Available Techniques

To take advantage of the different techniques available, you need to make sure you purchase a good quality brand that has good quality paint as well as tips, then the following techniques are easy to achieve.

  • Layering: The paint pens allow you to layer your paint, which can give your end product a brilliant color finish
  • Blending: Although the paint pens are fast drying, you can still blend your colors and even make new colors, which you need to do while the paint is still wet
  • Outlining: The paint pens are ideal for fine outlining, adding borders, or any detailed work, which is made possible by the very fine nibs provided


Recommended Acrylic Paint Pen or Marker Set: ARTISTRO Acrylic Paint Pens

If you love painting, and you want to do some fine intricate and detailed work without any mess, the Artistro Acrylic Paint Pens are the answer. There are 30 acrylic paint pens in this set, with 28 opaque colors and a white and black pen, providing you with a wide range of brilliant and vivid colors. The feel and look of these paint pens are almost like watercolor paint. The paint pens have an extra-fine tip, which allows you to do very fine detailed artwork on all types of surfaces. This allows the paint to flow evenly, making the application simple with excellent control. All the paint pens in this set are non-toxic and safe to use, with no unpleasant odors.

ARTISTRO Acrylic Paint Pens
  • The highly pigmented ink dries quickly with a glossy finish
  • Suitable for a range of surfaces, including leather and rocks
  • The fine nibs are fantastic for intricate detailing
View on Amazon

All the colors are very easy to mix and blend while you are busy painting and should last a long time. The Artistro acrylic paint pens are very versatile and can be applied on many surfaces, which include cardboard, paper, leather, wood, plastic, fabric, clay, and are ideal for applying those finely detailed designs on your wine glasses, mugs, and canvas, making them easy to use with no mess.


  • Ideal for fine detailed work
  • Easy to apply and control
  • Wide range of 30 vivid colors
  • Conforms to ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) d-4236 as well as EN-71 (European standard toy safety testing)
  • Colors are easy to mix and blend
  • All paint pens in this set are high-quality and will last for a long time


  • There are no color indications on the pens
  • It may take a bit of time to get the paint to flow initially



Tutorial on How to Apply Acrylic Paint on Leather

Painting leather has been practiced for centuries, but today with all the modern technology and improved products, this exercise has become a lot easier and can be done by any do-it-yourself enthusiast. Leather paint has been the accepted medium in the past, but with the introduction of acrylic paints, the process has gained popularity. Acrylic paints are a lot cheaper than leather paints and they also come in much more vibrant colors, giving you a great deal more color shade options.

Using Acrylic Spray Sealer

You first need to determine what type of leather you are going to paint, whether it is soft or hard leather, or if the leather has been treated previously or is still in its raw state. You will then know what acrylic paint is right for your project. It is also vital that you do a test piece first, by selecting a small inconspicuous area before you attempt to paint the whole area. Secondly, you cannot just start painting the leather, you need to follow a process. Otherwise, the paint will simply not adhere to the leather surface and your whole project will be in jeopardy. In this section of the article, we will be guiding you through the entire process step-by-step, ensuring your completed project will be just as you envisioned.


Supplies You Will Need to Paint on Leather

The supplies you need to paint your leather project, depend largely on the type of leather item you want to paint and also the condition of the leather. For example, if you are going to paint a leather couch, or if you just want to paint a pair of shoes, or a small set of leather earrings, the tools and equipment you will need are going to be different. Once acrylic paint has dried, it is very hard to remove so you need to lie down plastic sheeting over the areas you are going to work on. You also need to wear some protective clothing, like an apron or overalls and gloves. Make sure you paint in an area that has constant airflow.

  • Leather conditioner if the leather is dry
  • Leather de-glosser (isopropyl alcohol) to remove the shine from the leather
  • Leather de-greaser to remove the glaze from the leather
  • Your leather item, shoes, wallet, jacket, couch, or other leather items
  • Water-based acrylic leather paint
  • Leather paint sealer
  • Paintbrushes


Preparing the Leather

The leather surface needs to be properly prepared before you start to paint, ensure all dirt and grease are removed, and if the leather item is very old or damaged, you will have to first repair the damaged section. Remember that acrylic paints are thermoplastic and are affected by the environment by things like temperature and humidity, making it more important to do a proper surface preparation before you start to paint.

Leather Shoes Acrylic Paint Sealer

  • If the leather surface is hard and dry, you need to use the leather conditioner to get the leather soft enough for the paint to adhere to.
  • Next, use the degreaser to remove any grease, oil, or wax coatings that the leather surface may have.
  • Now use the de-glosser to remove any glaze coating that the leather may have.


How to Paint Your Leather Item Using Leather Acrylic Paint

If you want to paint a specific design on your leather, or only paint a very small section that is a different color from the rest of the design, it is advisable to first tape off those areas where you do not want the paint on. Make sure you use the correct type of paint, which is water-based leather acrylic paint, that will perform the best on your leather surface. For the first coat, mix equal amounts of water and acrylic paint and apply it as thin as possible. This is so that the paint can soak into the leather and will avoid cracking.

The next layers of paint can be applied undiluted but make sure to wait for about two hours for the paint to dry before applying another layer.

When you paint on your leather, try to paint in the direction the leather flexes as it will reduce the tendency for cracking, and will also let the paint look more natural. Painting on leather is a method of staining rather than painting, so the paint should not sit on top of the leather surface, it needs to penetrate the leather. Some of the leather acrylic paints can be applied using ordinary paintbrushes, but there are other varieties of leather where you need to apply the paint using a foam brush or a sponge.

Acrylic Leather Paint Bag

It is important to read the manufacturer’s instructions so that you use the correct method of application, assuring a quality finish. After you have finished your painting, you need to apply a sealing coat that will ensure your paint lasts a long time. Applying acrylic paint to your leather item is a fairly simple process, as we have seen, but there are a few basic techniques or tips that you need to follow if you want the perfect finish for your leather project.

  • Never fill your paintbrush with paint, but always use a small amount as the thinner the paint is, the better it will adhere, and the sooner it will dry.
  • When applying your first coat, add some water with your paint to thin it out slightly. This will also give it a watercolor effect.
  • Avoid applying thick layers of paint as it takes longer to dry, and often results in the paint peeling off and cracking.
  • Making use of acrylic spray paint will help in keeping the paint layers as thin as possible.
  • Acrylic paints are sensitive to climate changes, so the thinner the paint will allow it to contract and expand.
  • Make sure you only use water-based leather acrylic paint.
  • The second coat can be applied a little thicker.
  • After each coat of paint, bend the leather so that it does not get stiff and crack.
  • There is no limit to the number of coats you apply, and can easily be seven or more.



How to Remove Paint from Leather

Maybe you have accidentally spilled some paint on your leather, or if you have made a mistake with your painting and you want to remove the paint from the leather surface. You want to do this effectively and safely, so you do not harm or damage the leather surface. What is the best way to remove the paint?

Cleaning Leather for Acrylic Paint Sealer


Using Cooking or Olive Oil

Cooking, olive, or even baby oil can effectively be used to remove stubborn paint from your leather surface. Take a cotton swab and dip it into the oil and begin to wipe the paint very lightly, allowing the oil to penetrate the paint. You may need to follow this process more than once until the paint has softened.

Now take a knife and very carefully begin to remove the paint, and then take some vinegar and baking soda mixture to remove the excess oil.


Using Warm Soapy Water and a Soft Bristle Brush

Take a clean cloth or towel and wet it in some warm soapy water and begin to wipe the paint off. You may need to take a spray bottle filled with warm soapy water and saturate the paint, then leave it for around 30 minutes and wipe the paint off with a cloth or towel. You can also dip a bristle brush into some warm soapy water and lightly stroke the paint with the brush, being careful not to damage the leather surface. Wipe down using a clean cloth or towel.

Preparing Acrylic Leather Paint


Using Rubbing Alcohol

Take a clean cloth and wet it, then put a few drops of alcohol on the cloth. Begin to rub the paint, making sure you only apply the rubbing alcohol to the affected spot. Because rubber alcohol is composed of chemicals, it may dry out your leather, which means you may have to apply some leather conditioner after you are finished cleaning.

You can also try applying nail polish remover if there is no rubbing alcohol available.


Using a Knife or Scraper

Once the paint has dried, you can try using a blunt knife or scraper to lift the paint from the leather. Try not to damage the leather while doing this. If this method fails to work, try to soften the paint with some oil, and then repeat the process.

Removing Acrylic Leather Paint


Using Petroleum Jelly

Apply some petroleum jelly or Vaseline to the paint stain and let it sit for a few minutes. Then using a knife or your fingernail, gently peel the paint off.

Next, take a clean cloth to get rid of any access Vaseline.



How to Seal Acrylic Paint on Leather

Applying acrylic paint to your leather item is now nearly complete. Next, you need to seal the acrylic coating by applying an acrylic paint finisher. Just a note of caution before you start with the sealing coat, if you have not cleaned your leather surface properly with the degreaser and de glosser before you painted it, then even if you seal it with a paint finisher, the results will be very poor and could lead to problems.

Using Acrylic Leather Paint for Shoes

The sealing coat is very important as it will not only give protection and durability to your acrylic paint but will also prevent the paint from cracking or fading over time. Ensure that you clean the painted surface first, removing all dust and debris otherwise the dust will remain on the leather spoiling your artwork. Let us now follow the method you need to use to seal the paint.


Preparing the Surface

Before you start, you need to make sure that the acrylic painted surface is properly clean. Remove any dust or debris, if you fail to do this first step, then the dust particles will remain and become trapped after you have sealed the acrylic painted surface.

The secret to a well-painted leather surface is good preparation. 


Applying the Sealer

It is recommended that you use Angelus Leather Acrylic Sealer. This product is reasonably priced and very easy to use and has an excellent reputation for being the best sealer that can seal all types of paint on the leather without problems of fading or cracking. It will give you a high gloss finish, that will not peel off or crack, and can be cleaned up using soap and water. Take one ounce of acrylic paint leather sealer and mix it with one part of water.

Acrylic Paint on Shoes Sealed

You can use a brush or wool dauber to apply the sealer, or you can use an acrylic spray sealer. We recommend that you use the brush type as some users have found problems using the spray type. When applying the sealer, try not to soak the leather too much, and give the coats around five minutes to settle before you add the next layer. Continue until you have applied about 20 coats of sealer. You can purchase the acrylic paint sealer in a matt or a gloss finish, whatever option suits you. The sealer will preserve the colors of your acrylic paint and ensure that your artwork keeps its finest details for a long time.


Applying Waterproofing

Once you have sealed your acrylic paint leather surface, you now need to apply a waterproof spray topcoat that will give the paint protection, moisture resistance as well as durability. The waterproof coating comes in brush-on or aerosol sprays, but you need to ensure that what you buy is compatible with acrylic paint. Just follow the instructions when applying your waterproof coating. When using an aerosol spray, hold the spray can about six inches from the leather surface.

After applying the waterproof coating, allow it to dry for about 24 hours before you move the item.


Sealing Acrylic Paint on Leather Surface Using Alternative Mediums

Apart from using an acrylic paint leather sealer, there are some other methods available for sealing your acrylic painted leather surface. The alternative medium may not be as effective as the acrylic paint sealer. However, it may suit you as you may not intend to keep the artwork for long and want to remove the paint and do something different. Here are some of the options available:

Top Leather Paint for Shoes


Fabric Medium

Although fabric medium is not a sealing agent, it can be used to get your acrylic paint to adhere to your leather surface without peeling off or cracking. Most fabric mediums are useless for applying paint to a leather surface, but Delta Creative Ceramcoat Fabric Medium has been proved to be effective for sealing your acrylic paint to the leather surface. The authentic acrylic paint sealer needs to be applied after you have painted the surface with your acrylic paint. However, the Delta Creative Medium can be mixed in with the acrylic paint before you apply it to the leather.

If you want, you can still seal the surface with an acrylic spray sealer after you have applied the paint mixture.



Hairspray is used by many for numerous reasons that have nothing to do with hair, and you may be considering this option to seal your acrylic paint on your leather surface. We highly recommend that you do not use this method for application on leather surfaces and here are the reasons. Hairspray has been effectively used to seal acrylic paint on certain surfaces, but those surfaces have been flat and rigid, and the leather artwork we are discussing in this article is mostly for clothing items that move all the time. So, if you use this method for your clothing, it will not last and will peel off and crack.

Hairspray Acrylic Spray Sealer

There are also numerous makes of hairspray formulations on the market, making it very difficult to offer any sound advice for its use of sealing your acrylic paint to your leather surface. Therefore, we recommend that you avoid this option altogether and stick with the options listed above, which are all budget-friendly and perform well.


Mod Podge

Mod podge can be used as a medium to seal tour acrylic paint to your leather surface, but it is a lot less effective than the two methods mentioned above. Although this is not the best method to use for sealing your acrylic paint on your leather surface, many do-it-yourself enthusiasts already have some mod podge at home, and this may be a solution to keep costs down. One aspect to bear in mind when you want to use mod podge is not to use too much as you only require a very small amount to apply over your acrylic paint.

This may be an option for some of your custom creations on a leather jacket for a fancy dress party.



How to Paint Shoes with Acrylic Paint

After a while, your leather shoes start to fade and become grubby and stained, or you would like to change the color of a pair of your shoes without having to go out and buy a new pair. Maybe you just want to add some small detail to the existing pattern on your shoes? Can acrylic paint be used on your shoes? The answer is yes, leather paint for shoes works well. Follow this step-by-step process to give your shoes a new look.

Acrylic Spray Sealer


Prepare the Leather Surface of Your Shoes

The first thing you need to do is clean the shoes thoroughly, which you can do using soap and water, leather bleach, or some isopropyl alcohol. We would recommend that you use isopropyl alcohol as this will take off all the dirt or grime on your shoes and will also easily remove any wax or oil. If your shoes are made from faux or imitation leather, isopropyl alcohol is the only thing that removes the layer of silicone and polymers that is applied to the outer layer of the shoes. Wet a clean cloth or towel with the alcohol and wipe the shoes, which should remove any wax, oil, or any other coating on the surface of the leather. By following this process, you will give the acrylic paint a much better chance of sticking to the leather of your shoes, and if it is still not successful, you can always sand the leather surface of the shoes.

If you find that the leather is shiny after you have cleaned it with the alcohol, then you need to sand the leather surface of your shoes by using 100 to 200 grit sandpaper.

You need to rub the shoes with the sandpaper until you are satisfied the shine is gone, and then use a clean damp cloth to wipe the shoes clean. You must be sure the surface leather of your shoes is perfectly clean before you begin to paint, as any dust left behind will become embedded into the paint. Make use of a damp clean cloth or towel and also ensure you remove the shoelaces as well. You can now apply a leather de glazer on the leather surface, which will assist in getting the paint to adhere to the leather. This can be applied with a clean cloth or towel and do not be scared to give the leather a generous amount. Also, do not be alarmed if it changes the color of your leather slightly.


Applying the Acrylic Leather Paint for Shoes

We recommend that you only use acrylic paint for leather, as any other paint may not soak into the leather effectively, reducing its flexibility and may cause cracking over time. Make sure you thin out your paint before you begin with one ounce of paint to one part of water, which is best done in a bowl. Take a paintbrush and wet it with paint, then use thin, smooth layers of paint. Do not be concerned if the color of the shoe shows through, but keep on using long even strokes, and make sure you cover the whole surface.

Leather Shoes Acrylic Leather Paint

If you need to apply more than one coat, make sure the first layer is properly dry, around twenty minutes, before you apply the next coat. It is important at this time to flex the shoe backward and forwards to prevent the paint from cracking, and if necessary, reapply some more paint in the damaged areas. Continue to add more layers of paint until you are happy with the color. This could be seven or more coats, especially if the shoes are a dark color.


Applying the Finish or Sealing Coat

Ensure that you apply a sealing coat over the paint, to give it not only a great finished look but also to help it last in all kinds of weather. You need to wait for the paint to fully dry before you apply the sealing coat, and the best product to use is an acrylic leather finisher, which will not only protect the paint, but it will also give it protection against all weather conditions. Mix the acrylic leather finisher with one ounce of finisher to one part of water, then apply the mixture using a brush or sponge to the leather surface and be careful not to soak the leather. Now be very careful not to move the shoe until it has properly dried, which could be several hours. Otherwise, moving it could cause the paint to crack.

You have a choice of finish matte, gloss, or satin whatever suits your fancy.



Tips for Stopping Acrylic Leather Paint from Cracking

The most effective way to prevent acrylic paint from breaking on your shoes is for you to apply the paint in thin layers as thick layers may cause the paint to chip or crack. Here are some guidelines so you can stop the paint from cracking on your shoes.

  • Try not to mix different brands of paint, as paint brands do not have the same consistency.
  • Always paint in the direction of the shoe flex and give the paint time to cure properly, before applying the next coat.
  • Always apply a finishing coat to seal the paint and prevent it from cracking.

Acrylic Leather Paint for Shoes

  • You need to flex the shoes before adding additional layers, which will prevent cracking.
  • Do not allow the shoes to come into contact with any heat source, while still wet, as this will dry the paint too fast, not allowing it to soak into the leather and could result in cracking.
  • Apply the paint in thin, even layers.


Acrylic leather paint will do a wonderful job of renewing and beautifying your leather items. However, you need to remember that all your work will be in vain if you do not seal your finished work using an acrylic leather sealer. The process is fairly simple, even for beginners, but be sure to follow all the steps needed so you can produce a leather item you can be proud of and have fun while doing it.



Frequently Asked Questions


How Long Does Acrylic Paint Take to Dry on a Leather Surface?

Acrylic paint can dry fairly fast, but usually, it takes around 15 to 30 minutes. However, it will still feel tacky when you touch it, so you need to wait for around 24 hours before you apply your finisher. Then you need to wait for about 72 hours before you attempt to wash the item.


What Can Stop Acrylic Paints From Cracking on Leather Shoes?

Make sure that you only apply thin layers of paint, and never apply the next coat until the paint has dried properly. Do not use more than one brand of acrylic paint on the same job, as all paints have different properties. Paint your shoes in one direction, where you know there is a crease in the leather, and always seal the paint when you have completed the paintwork.


Can You Wash Acrylic Paint off Leather?

If you prepare and apply the acrylic paint correctly, it will not wash off the leather. Make sure you only buy acrylic paint that is specially designed for use on leather.


Is Acrylic Paint Better Than Leather Paint?

Most leather paints are water-based, but leather paint is specially designed for use on leather, whereas ordinary acrylic paint does not have the same properties. Leather Paint will not crack or peel off, but if you prepare your leather properly, then the normal acrylic paint should be able to do the job as well.


Can You Use Acrylic Paint on Shoes?

Acrylic paint is recommended for use on leather shoes. Many of the shoe manufacturers use acrylic paint to paint on their shoes. Acrylic paint will be able to stick to the leather of your shoes as long as you follow all preparation steps and apply thin layers of paint.

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