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Best Jewelry-Making Kits – How to Make Jewelry at Home Easily

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Are you thinking about starting a new hobby or even a side hustle to make some extra money? If you think you are creative enough, why not try jewelry making for beginners? Beginning jewelry making can be fun and easy to do, and your unique jewelry piece can make a great gift. There are many jewelry-making kits for adults as well as kids, which usually contain all the tools and items you will need. To help you along your creative journey, we have included some tips and recommendations on the best jewelry-making kits available.



Why Make Your Own Jewelry?

As with any other form of creativity, jewelry making is a way to express yourself and create something unique. For many, it is a relaxing way to spend an afternoon, not only relaxing but being productive in the process. The jewelry you make can either be for personal use, given as a gift, or made to sell. When making jewelry as gifts, it is also a way you can save some money and add a personal touch. You can be proud of something you created yourself, you might even get a few orders in from admirers.

Necklace Kit

Whatever your reason for designing and making jewelry, there is sure to be a jewelry-making kit available for beginners that will suit your needs. If you cannot find a jewelry kit for adults that has what you are looking for, there are plenty of jewelry supplies you can purchase separately. Jewelry making for beginners is easy to do anywhere and does not need a lot of space. All you require is a small working space and a storage case for all your beads and findings to make them easily portable.


Trending Jewelry Making Ideas

Maybe you have your own ideas on jewelry designs, or perhaps you are looking for a bit of inspiration? Fortunately, platforms like Pinterest and others can help with ideas, and every season there are a few jewelry trends that stand out.

Following are some ideas for this season to get you started.

  • Charms, charms, and more charms, there are so many beautiful and meaningful charms you can use in your bracelet creation. These can be added to new designs or even placed on old jewelry pieces.
  • It seems wearing single earrings, or mismatched earring pieces is on-trend. Creating a modern and asymmetrical look.
  • If you like to be trendy, this season chunky chains and bracelets seem to be taking center stage.

Chunky Necklace Kit

  • Do you like pearls? Then get in on this look, string onto a cord, wear as a necklace, or show them off on a bracelet, anything goes.
  • Including lots of colors is what people are doing, more colors, brighter colors, create something that will get noticed. You can also think about pairing colorful pieces with charms.
  • Ankle bracelets have also been on trend this season.



What to Consider When Purchasing a Jewelry Making Kit for Beginners

When looking for the best jewelry-making kits, they should have everything you need for your project. However, every jewelry-making kit for beginners can be different, with each one not providing the same supplies. Each jewelry-making kit can be geared towards various skill levels and ages, as well as the type of jewelry kit.

Jewelry Making for Beginners

Do you want jewelry-making kits for adults, or are you looking for something that provides more step-by-step instructions? There are a few other factors you need to consider when choosing the proper jewelry-making kit, let us take a closer look at these.


Jewelry Components

Whatever jewelry kit you purchase, there are a few items that should be in all of them. For example, in all circumstances, you will need pliers, and most kits should have at least multipurpose pliers. Most jewelry-making kits for adults that are more comprehensive should have the following.

  • Wire cutters
  • Flat crimping pliers
  • Round and chain nose pliers
  • tweezers

Before we go further, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with general jewelry-making terms. So, below are a few explanations of various terms you need to know. Most other items like pliers or beads are self-explanatory.

Jewelry Making TermDescription
FindingsThese are all components that are not your gems, beads, and threading material. Although you can purchase these separately, they are also essential in a jewelry-making kit. These include items like jump rings, clasps, bails, bead caps, ear hooks, connectors, and more. They are also available in various metal finishes like silver tone and gold tone, amongst others
Jump RingThis finding plays an important role in jewelry making, a small ring that you can open to attach to a chain or other components. Sometimes, these rings can be quite small and difficult to twist open, which is where a jump ring opener comes in handy. This ring opener simply holds the jump ring steady so you can work
BailThis is a component mostly used in the making of necklaces. The bail lets you hang a charm or pendant from the chain or necklace piece. Together with this, you can also use a jump ring. The bail hangs with the pendant at the center of the necklace. Something similar is a ball cap, however, these are glued to the top of the pendant or gem, instantly creating a drop earring or necklace. There are more various types of bails that are suited for different projects
ClaspsThese are also an essential part of a jewelry-making kit. There are various types of clasps, for example, a carabiner clasp, also called a “lobster clasp” as it resembles a lobster claw
CrimpsCrimps are needed when beading and help you to neatly finish off your work and hold beads in a place where you want them to stay

These are just a few examples of what you will be needing to start jewelry making. Another component that can be found in a good jewelry-making kit is a variety of beads. You will have to look at each kit to see if the beads are what you are looking for. There are also other types of jewelry-making kits without beads, like leather, resin, or metal kits, and you will have to find which one suits your needs. Different beads can easily be purchased separately at your local craft or beading shop.

Beads for Necklace Kit

Included in the kit, there should also be threading materials like string, wire, cord, or chains. The string will depend on the type of jewelry kit, for example, a cheaper or beginning jewelry-making kit will have more simple components like glass or plastic beads, and elastic string or thinner cord. Other kits may come with chains or thicker cords that can handle all types of jewelry designs. Most jewelry-making kits, whether for beginners or the more advanced, generally come with instructions. The instructions included might explain all the components in the kit and may even provide a few designs.

Sometimes, the designs are not that easy to follow, however, there are many tutorials online that can get you started.


Choosing a Quality Jewelry Making kit

If you are looking to get serious about jewelry making, then quality is something that must be taken into account. When it comes to jewelry making for beginners, you may be able to get away with something cheaper that contains plastic beads. However, if you want to purchase a jewelry kit for adults, and start jewelry-making as a hobby, it is best to make sure the kit you are getting contains quality components that will last a long time. Quality is even more important if you were to sell your resin jewelry and start up a business.

Jewelry Making Kits for Adults

A jewelry-making kit for beginners may also only contain a set number of beads, for example, you might only find plastic and glass beads. Whereas, a quality kit can have a variety of components including different pliers, findings, and beads, charms, and even more unusual items like feathers.


Choosing the Correct Metal Type

Many people who have their ears pierced may have an allergy problem. They have to use the proper silver metal, otherwise, it may bring about an allergic reaction and infection. So, when choosing a jewelry kit, take care to make sure your components are hypoallergenic, especially if you are selling your jewelry products. Allergies may be caused by metals like copper, nickel, brass, and cadmium.

Rather choose metals like silver, gold, or other non-metallic options like plastic, silicone, or acrylic.


Types of Jewelry Making Kit for Beginners

When looking at jewelry-making kits that are geared towards the professional, most of them are more focused on the tools. They will need good quality and durable tools to manage all the jewelry making. Many of these kits are tools-only as professional jewelry makers tend to know where to get their specific beads, charms, and other embellishments separately. You can find a jewelry kit for adults that can also be used by teens and kids. These can include starter kits that contain the essential tools and items needed for creating jewelry.

How to Make Jewelry at Home

However, these kits only have a limited supply of components and beads, so you can only make a few pieces. Then there is the jewelry-making kit specifically aimed at younger kids, taking into consideration child safety issues. So, there most probably will not be sharp tools included in these kits. These kits most often contain shiny charms and beads that can be easily handled to create jewelry. You should look at more deluxe jewelry kits if you want more variety and added components.


Jewelry Making Kit Prices

Budget is a concern for many of us, so keeping an eye on costs is important. However, if you are looking for quality and a jewelry kit with a substantial number of components, you should be considering the more pricey kits as an investment. When beginning jewelry making, and you would like to simply practice, some kits can offer something of everything.

However, for the price, the quality might not be the best.

  • A less expensive jewelry-making kit for beginners can cost anything from 15 dollars to 30 dollars.
  • Mid-range jewelry-making kits may cost between 30 dollars and 60 dollars with better quality tools and more variety in components.
  • Expensive kits can go from 100 dollars and more and provide the best quality tools and a superior assortment of components.



The Best Jewelry Making Kits

Once you have decided to make your own jewelry instead of buying it from the store, you need to consider what best jewelry-making kits are available. This can be a mammoth task as there are hundreds of different kinds of jewelry-making kits on the market. We have considered these factors above, but here is a summary.

  • What is your skill level, do you have a lot or only a little experience?
  • How patient are you?
  • Do you want flexibility so you can explore your creativity, or do you want the paint by numbers style?
  • What types of materials do you like working with?
  • How much do you want to spend?

Jewelry making for beginner’s kits may be the best way for you to start. These allow you to make earrings or bracelets by simply threading some yarn through beads, and come in various difficulty levels and styles.

Jewelry Kit for Adults

After you have successfully mastered the beginner’s kits, you can then move on to the more involved jewelry kit for adults. These kits might require hammering, molding, and carving, and are supplied with multiple tools and intricate instruction manuals.


Best Ring Making Kit: DEUXPER Sandalwood Ring Craft Kit

When you think of a ring, most of us will have a silver or gold ring in mind. However, what if the ring was made from wood? The DEUXPERS Sandalwood Ring Craft Kit is a complete kit that is ideal for the beginner and comes with all you need to make your very own wooden ring. The kit is easy to use without any mess. The sandalwood ring craft kit is equipped with five assorted sandalwood ring blanks that provide you with five different wooden textures, five different colors, and also five different wood scents.

DEUXPER Sandalwood Ring Craft Kit
  • Includes 6 wood files, sandpaper, templates, and ring supplies
  • Includes 4 high-grade natural sandalwood materials
  • Guides you through the process of making beautiful rings
View on Amazon

The kit also contains six sheets of various grit sandpaper, six different shaped wood files, a ring measuring circle, and a ring measuring rod. The kit also includes a small vice, 15 grams of beeswax, a small metal spoon, a buffing block, a ring box, a product manual, and a pair of gloves. This ring-making kit is a fun do-it-yourself jewelry kit for adults as well as teens. If you are not up for wooden rings, then you should be able to find bead kits that offer the option of designing beaded rings.


  • Ideal ring making kit for young and old
  • Easy to use
  • No mess
  • Five assorted sandalwood blanks
  • Six sheets of sandpaper
  • Beeswax
  • Instruction manual included


  • Fairly expensive


Best Jewelry Necklace Kit: MODDA Deluxe Jewelry Making Kit

The MODDA Deluxe Jewelry Making Kit is a perfect selection for beginners as well as both teens and adults that want to start making jewelry pieces like necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. The selected beads all have various vibrant colors and are first-class beads.

MODDA Deluxe Jewelry Making Kit
  • The set comes with 15 video tutorials to guide your process
  • Includes a range of vibrant colored beads for all designs
  • Helps you make a range of earrings, bracelets, and necklaces
View on Amazon

This kit is easy to use and includes an easy-to-use instruction manual. However, if you are finding it difficult to understand, then simply play one of the 15 video courses provided, and you will soon have loads of fun in creating your very own designs. This is also an ideal kit for making gifts for family and friends, which will be unique from those you can buy in the store.


  • Ideal jewelry kit for all ages
  • Easy to use
  • 15 Video courses included
  • Easy-to-use instruction manual included
  • All the beads and accessories provided
  • All the necessary tools provided


  • Fairly expensive


Best Earring Making Kit: EU TENG HAO Natural Gemstone Beads Kit

The EU TENG HAO Bead Kit comes with spacer beads, charms, pendants, and jump rings. This kit is ideal for making earrings, bracelets, and pendants. The 933 irregular chips stone beads can be used for bracelet and necklace making, while the 550 colored irregular gemstone beads are a mix of prehnite, agate, rose quartz, amethyst, kallaite, obsidian, colored fluorite, and rutilated quartz. These are truly amazing, as each one is uniquely shaped with lively colors, and are not like many other jewelry kits that have cheap plastic beads.

EU TEN HAO Natural Gemstone Beads Kit
  • Includes a range of colored natural stone bead chips
  • Comes with all the necessary clasps, spacers, and pins
  • The beads are made from high-quality natural gemstones
View on Amazon

The earring-making kit also includes 50 pieces of each finding component and includes earring hooks in pairs, jump rings, screw eye pins, and flathead pins with pendants. The charms included are just as amazing as the gemstone beads. The kit is quite comprehensive, so there is no need to go out and buy any other materials. All components come in a plastic storage box that helps to keep your beads and stones in perfect order. This jewelry-making kit is ideal for making gifts and other decorations for the family as well as friends.


  • Easy to use
  • Great fun for all ages
  • 933 Irregular chips stone beads
  • 550 colored irregular gemstone beads
  • 50 pieces of each finding
  • Long-nosed pliers
  • Elastic cable
  • Storage box


  • Some have mentioned that the quality of the stones was poor


Best Bracelet Kit: FASHION ANGELS DIY Alphabet Bead Bracelet Making Kit

The Fashion Angels Bead Bracelet Making Kit is an amazing alphabet bracelet-making kit that is suitable for ages eight and upwards. You can express exactly how you feel or wear your special story on your wrist and create unique personalized messages. This kit can give you many hours of fun where you can get your friends and family involved. This kit can also be used for an activity group where everyone goes home with their unique custom-made bracelet.

FASHION ANGELS DIY Alphabet Bead Bracelet Making Kit
  • A great beginner jewelry making kit for young children
  • Includes black, white, and metallic color letter beads
  • Comes with a storage box to help keep everything organized
View on Amazon

The kit contains more than 1500 beads that come in different sizes of alphabet cube beads. There is a mixture of rainbow-colored beads, silver metallic beads, and donut-shaped beads in various colors. Also included are nine yards of elastic cord that can make more than 30 bracelets, depending on your wrist size. To make things easier, this kit also comes with a beautiful bead storage case that helps you to keep all your supplies in order.


  • The kit consists of more than 1500 various shaped and colored beads
  • Can make around 30 bracelets
  • You can create your unique personalized messages
  • Loads of fun for friends and family
  • Supplied in a beautiful bead storage case


  • Costs more than other jewelry making bead sets
  • Holes in the beads might be too small for the elastic cord to go through



How to Make Jewelry at Home

The best thing about making your own jewelry is that you can do it at home, and you only need a small work area. You can work in a spare room, your garage, or maybe you have a shed in the backyard, or simply on your lap in the kitchen. Preferably, if you are going to be making jewelry regularly, you should have enough space for a table or bench and a place where you can store your tools and other jewelry components.

Ring Making Kit

Working with beads and creating other types of jewelry requires enough light for you to see things clearly. So, it is important to work in a space with plenty of light during the day or make sure you have a lamp to work with. Following is a bit more about how to make jewelry at home easier.


Keeping Organized

Once you have your space all worked out, it is important to keep organized. In most cases, there are many different components you will be working with, and these are best kept separately, you can even keep all your beads color-coded if you wish. The tools you work with should also be stored properly to avoid having too much clutter in your workspace.

There are many storage options available, and many of the jewelry-making kits provide their own storage compartments for all the different beads and findings. However, you can buy different separate plastic storage boxes that come in various sizes.


Jewelry-Making Ideas

Before spending any money on beads or jewelry-making kits, you should decide on what jewelry you want to create. Some jewelry kits are aimed at specific types of jewelry items, while others offer a range of options. Some jewelry-making ideas include the following.

  • Necklaces: Most of the kits provided use a cord, string, chain, or wire. Wire cutters, some jewelry findings, clasps, pliers, and crimping tools are needed.
  • Earrings: There are different types of earrings like clip-on, hooks, or studs. To this, you can add various stones, tassels, or beads.
  • Bracelets: These are always a favorite as it is easy and a fun way to string beads and add charms. You also get wire bracelets, leather bracelets, and more.

Earring Making Kit

  • Rings: This type of project can go from easy to difficult and depends on what materials you use. For example, an easy wire ring, beaded ring, wooden ring, resin ring, or metal rings.
  • Other types of jewelry: These can include jewelry items that are personalized, or items like hair clips, ankle bracelets, brooches, and more.


Jewelry Measurements

In many jewelry-making projects, you will need to understand measurements. Not everybody has the same size finger for rings, so there are different sizes you need to consider. Necklaces might seem simple enough, however, there are different types of necklaces. You have chokers, which sit around the neck and can be anything from 14 to 16 inches. Your princess-style necklaces are longer at 17 to 19 inches and longer necklaces can reach up to 34 inches or even longer.

You should be able to find general or standard sizes for bracelets and necklaces, depending on if it is for a woman or a man.


Learning Jewelry-Making Skills

Doing some research online, reading some books, or taking a jewelry-making workshop is helpful if you wish to develop your skills. Learning these basic skills will help you to complete your jewelry-making project successfully. Some of these skills include:

  • How to cut wires and work with wire
  • Learning stringing techniques
  • How to open and close jump rings correctly
  • Learning to add a clasp

Necklace Kit Clasp

  • Using eye pins to create pendants
  • Knotting techniques
  • How to use the various tools properly
  • Finishing jewelry pieces



A Few Jewelry-Making Tips

Once you have practiced making jewelry, and have gained a bit of experience, you might be able to give some advice and a few tips to those who are still busy with jewelry making for beginners. Following are a few tips that may make your jewelry-making experience a little easier.

  • Choose a jewelry project that you like the most, for example, a necklace or ring kit. You might also want to use clay, metal, or glass for your jewelry.
  • Once you have decided what jewelry project you want to do, you should learn some basic skills and understand the terminology involved.
  • Invest in tools that are of good quality.
  • Experiment and try new ideas.
  • Make sure your storage boxes close properly so you do not have beads rolling around if you accidentally knock the storage box or case over.

Jewelry Making Kit for Beginners

  • Pick a dedicated workspace that is organized.
  • Keep an eye out for sales on beads and other jewelry-making accessories and stock up, as it can become quite expensive.
  • Consider repurposing an old piece of jewelry instead of starting from scratch.
  • Try to buy charms or beads in bulk to be more cost-effective.
  • Always plan your designs ahead of time, for certain projects, you can use a beading board for this.
  • Practicing a certain technique before moving on to a real project can be helpful.


To enjoy the jewelry-making process, you do not have to be a genius on the subject. You can easily use the best jewelry-making kits to make stylish pieces. In no time, you create unique and custom jewelry you can give as gifts or even sell. Jewelry making is also a great way to relieve stress and is simply a fun way to create something unique for yourself or others.



Frequently Asked Questions


Are There Jewelry-Making Kits for Adults and Kids?

Yes, there are jewelry-making kits for adults, which have a more comprehensive list of items like pliers, cutters, and different types of beads or charms. Kids’ jewelry-making kits are more basic and child-friendly with no sharp items like wire cutters included.


What Kind of Pliers Do You Need for Jewelry Making?

Some jewelry kits will include one or more pliers, depending on what you make. The most common pliers needed for jewelry making include flat nose pliers, chain nose pliers, round nose pliers, as well as side cutters.


Does a Jewelry Kit for Adults Come With Beaded Designs?

When it comes to a jewelry-making kit for beginners, there should be instructions included and sometimes there are a few designs included. However, the more advanced jewelry kit for adults does not provide designs and only contains the different components to make the jewelry.


Do You Have Different Size Metal Wires for Jewelry Making?

There are different size wires for different projects, for example, a 22 to 18 gauge wire is best for necklaces as well as bracelets, while the 18 gauge wire is used for earrings


What Thread Is Best for Beading?

The best choice when working with seed beads is to use a nylon thread that has been coated with beeswax to prevent fraying. The thread is lightweight and comes in varying thicknesses and also different colors.

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