How to Draw Eyelashes

How to Draw Eyelashes – An Eye Detailing Tutorial

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We’ll learn how to draw eyelashes in this lesson. Eyelashes are a distinctive characteristic of the eye and drawing them well can add a great deal of detail and realism to your portraiture. In this lesson we will create eyelash sketches that demonstrate how the length and curvature of eyelashes characterize feminine and masculine features. Drawing different kinds of lashes may be a terrific approach to exploring subtle character traits. Drawing eyes requires knowledge of how to draw eyelashes, and the greatest thing is that it is quite simple.



Creating an Eyelashes Drawing

Creating eyelashes drawings is simple and enjoyable. The drawing of realistic eyelashes is more about creating the eye than creating the eyelashes themselves. The eye is what places the eyelashes in perspective; however, in this eyelash sketch lesson, we’ll focus more on the many eyelash contours that may be applied to the eye. We’ll learn how sketching eyelashes may frame the eye as we examine both a feminine and a masculine perspective. However, every eye is unique, and both sexes can have lashes that are either shorter or longer.

With that in mind, let’s look at some easy ways to intentionally give our eyelash drawings a more feminine or manly character. By using minor elements, like eyelashes, to create various effects in the eye, we will give ourselves some options for character-defining traits.



How to Draw Eyelashes Step by Step

We’ll cover two distinct techniques for drawing eyelashes in this lesson. We’ll start by considering how to achieve long lashes that are more feminine and attractive. Then, we’ll discover how to make lashes that are easier to make and shorter so they may be employed with characteristics that are more masculine. Again, any method may be utilized for either male or female eyes because eyelashes vary widely. However, the goal is to develop various lashes to enable a wide range of diverse character designs. Let’s get started now that we know what to expect.


Creating Female Eyelashes

We’ll start by drawing delicate eyelashes, where we’ll discover a few easy techniques that give the lashes a graceful, feminine appearance. Because of the relatively basic structure of lashes, even the tiniest modifications can have a large impact.

Let’s now go through the simple instructions for drawing eyelashes that have a feminine appearance.


Step 1: Creating Feminine Eyes

Although we won’t focus too much on drawing eyes in this lesson, it’s important to have a generally good eye so that we can understand how the eyelashes are positioned. With our pencils in hand, we may start by drawing a female eye. Use a reference photograph if you want to achieve a truly realistic image.

Drawing Eyelashes 1

To ensure that we have a somewhat realistic eye onto which to draw lashes, make sure you portray all the relevant eye characteristics, such as the iris and pupil. Using a reference photo will help you see finer details while drawing a female eye. Often, the eye may be defined in an exceptionally distinctive way by little characteristics in its form and associated features. These specifics can be classified as masculine or feminine.

Drawing Eyelashes 1b

We aim to portray the fundamental characteristics of the eye without going into great detail. As a result, we may now include an eye reflection and possibly eye folds.

Drawing Eyelashes 1c

Though you can if you’d want, we don’t need to stress too much about adding eyebrows. To distinguish the top and lower lids within the eye, we must, nevertheless, add some light shading.

Drawing Eyelashes 1d

Although it is not required, adding additional detail will always make it easier to perceive how the eyelashes rest on the eyes. It’s crucial to catch the shape of the eyelids and add some shading to the area around the eye to give it some depth.

We don’t want to spend a lot of time on the eye drawing because we will be gently erasing it when we complete it.

Drawing Eyelashes 1e


Step 2: Gently Removing Shade in the Eye

Now we’re going to softly wipe the eye. By doing this, we will draw the eyelashes with a sharper, more contrasted appearance. This will prevent the eye itself from detracting from our ability to observe how they are positioned on the eye.

Drawing Eyelashes 2


Step 3: Creating the Upper Lashes

We may now go on to drawing the upper eyelid’s lashes. We want to design curving lines that are flowing upward since feminine lashes are often oriented upward. We may either pull them slowly or with a flick of the wrist to accomplish this.

Any direction is okay as long as they face and curves upwards from the eyelid.

Drawing Eyelashes 3

We would like to make absolutely sure that the eyelashes flow with the form of the upper eyelid’s arched curve since it flows across the eye. The form of the eyelid determines the various directions in which the lashes move. This implies that the lashes will extend on a curved axis due to the curvature of the eyelids.

Drawing Eyelashes 3b

Once you are familiar with the shape of the eyelid and where the eyelashes should be placed, you may experiment with how thick you want your eyelashes to appear. Increasing the density of the lashes also adds a feminine appeal to the eyes. If you want to make them appear feminine, keep that in mind.

Drawing Eyelashes 3c

Once more, the shape of the lashes is a curving line that points upward. This indicates that the bent portion of the lash may descend before rising. Imagine that you are sketching a U-shape. We should also take into account each lash’s delicate tip.

Drawing Eyelashes 3f

A flick motion can be used to capture the lashes’ finer tip and broader base. We will naturally apply more pressure at the base of the lash and less pressure at the tip by creating a U-shape with a flick motion. The change from a thick base to a tiny tip will be smooth as a result. We may make sure that the lashes are thinner and shorter as we move them closer to the inner eye.


Step 4: Creating the Lower Eyelashes

Remember that the lower eyelashes will always be shorter than the upper eyelashes when you draw them. Similar to the top set, the bottom eyelashes will similarly run down the slope of the bottom eyelid. The lashes will, though, be curved downwards this time rather than upwards.

Drawing Eyelashes 4

As with the upper eyelashes, we want to ensure that the thickness is largely in the vicinity of the eye’s outer corner. Furthermore, we want to avoid drawing too many lower eyelashes since doing so would seem odd and artificial.

Drawing Eyelashes 4b

The bottom lashes should be curled downward as we draw them; this is important. One or two of them can be going in a different direction to imply that they might be oddly stranded. This gives the lashes an organic lifelike appearance. And that is how to draw feminine eyelashes!

Drawing Eyelashes 4c


Creating Male Eyelashes

For the masculine eyelashes, the sketching procedure is precisely the same, but there are a few minor variations that we will go over along the way. Since lashes have a fairly basic shape, even the tiniest nuances might indicate whether they are feminine or male.

Let’s practice sketching eyelashes that are a little bit more manly.


Step 1: Creating a Male Eye

To begin, let’s just draw the eye. You can do this with pencils or if you prefer, a digital device. Once more, we don’t need to make the eye perfect, but a drawing with all the basic elements is required.

Sketching Eyelashes 1

To ensure that we create the eye correctly, we recommend using a reference image of a male eye. This will give you a much greater chance of sketching the eye accurately. We aim to capture the iris and pupil as accurately as possible. Furthermore, we want to capture the features around the eye.

Sketching Eyelashes 1b

It’s also important to add some light shading and sketching strokes to accentuate the eyelids. This is because we would like to ensure that the eyelashes are properly placed.

Sketching Eyelashes 1c

Making a realistic eye drawing initially can help you understand how to draw eyelashes. Nevertheless, we are focusing on the lashes and how they are arranged on the eye rather than the eye itself. So, whether you want to create your eye incredibly complex or not is all up to you.


Step 2: Gently Removing Shading From the Eye

We may soften the eye drawing after we have a somewhat well-drawn eye. By doing so, we will be able to accentuate the eyelashes without having to compete with the intricacies of the eye itself.

Sketching Eyelashes 2


Step 3: Creating the Upper Lashes

We gave the feminine eyelashes a tiny flick to allow them to delicately curl upwards from the eye. We would like to keep the eyelashes less curled and looking downward with the manly approach.

The eyelashes should have a modest curl but go downward, virtually covering the rim of the eyelid.

Sketching Eyelashes 3

The eyelashes do not have to be as long or thick as those used in the female example. We’ll be able to maintain them pretty thin and straight. The eyelashes will again match the upper eyelid’s ridge and arch structure. The eyelashes toward the outer corner of the eye will be significantly longer and will face outwards.

Sketching Eyelashes 3b

The primary distinction between female and male eyes is that the lashes curl less. Furthermore, they point straight and downward. Aside from that, the lashes will continue along the shape of the eyelid and point outward near the outer portion of the eye.

Sketching Eyelashes 3c

From here, you may experiment with increasing the density of the eyelashes. To emphasize the difference, we must keep the density lower than that of feminine eyelashes. Again, the female and male approaches to eyelashes can be interchanged. It’s fascinating to study how various eyelashes are developed and how they affect the eye.

Sketching Eyelashes 3d


Step 4: Creating the Lower Lashes

The procedure of the male eye is comparable to that of the feminine method. Bottom lashes will likewise fall along the lower eyelid ridge, determining their orientation. For a more manly look, the bottom eyelashes will also bend downward and outward from the eye. However, for the manly variant, we might have fewer eyelashes.

Sketching Eyelashes 4

The thickness of the lower lashes will be higher towards the outer portion of the eye as you draw them. The eyelashes get shorter and less dense as they approach the inner corner of the eye. This also applies to the upper lashes. And there you have it, an easy way for creating macho eyelashes.

Sketching Eyelashes 4b



Useful Tips

  • Examine curvature for feminine characteristics. Eyelashes have a distinct curl that suggests a softer and more graceful character in the eye.
  • Straighter is more manly. Males typically have shorter and straighter lashes, however, this is not always the case, so experiment with straighter lines from manly effects.
  • You may also mix and match. Play around with the knowledge you’ve acquired in your own eye sketches; some ladies have shorter and thinner eyelashes, while some males have deeper and longer eyelashes.
  • Consider the flick motion. Give your pencils a fast flick movement to create a larger foundation and thinner tip for each lash.
  • Lashes are only lines. You may experiment with how dense or thin you want your lashes to be.
  • Lashes are always sparser on the lower eyelid. As a general guideline, keep this in mind; otherwise, your drawing will appear bizarre if there are more lower lashes than higher lashes.


The procedure of drawing eyelashes is the same for both the feminine and masculine results. The curve and thickness of the eyelashes are the most noticeable differences. Increasing the curve symbolizes a more groomed and manicured eyelash, which conveys elegance and a feminine touch. Straighter, less curled lashes convey a more manly appearance. All eyes, however, are unique, and both women and men can have any of the two styles. So, now that you know how to draw eyelashes, experiment with different models to see how you can best use them.



Frequently Asked Questions


What Is the Difference Between Male and Female Eyelashes?

The eyelashes’ curvature and thickness are the most obvious modifications. A more arched eyelash represents increased care and grooming, which exudes refinement and a feminine appeal. Lashes that are less curled and more straight provide a manlier image. However, each eye is distinct, and both women and men can have any of the two types.


Is Creating Eyelashes Drawings Hard?

Drawing eyelashes is easy and pleasurable to do. The creation of the eye is more important than the actual eyelashes when painting realistic eyelashes. The eye is what gives context to the eyelashes.

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