New Year's Eve Crafts

New Year’s Eve Crafts – Entertaining Ways to Pass Time With Kids

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Is it a tradition in your family to stay up late and see the new year in, and do you want to share the experience with the kids? The trick is to keep them busy until the time arrives, that is if they can make it to midnight. We have collected and compiled a few New Year craft ideas that should keep everyone entertained and awake.



New Year’s Art Projects

New Year’s arts and crafts do not necessarily have to be contained within a single evening. Any of the fun and entertaining New Year’s art projects can also be done the day before or even on New Year’s Day itself. We have divided the craft ideas into New Year’s crafts for preschoolers, toddlers, and older children, although many of the ideas can be enjoyed by all ages.

Entertaining Kids on NYE


New Year’s Crafts for Toddlers

We are going to start with New Year’s crafts for toddlers, and this is mostly for those four or three years and younger. In many cases, the kids might require supervision and help to complete the craft project. This age group might not be able to make the midnight hour, so these New Year’s arts and crafts can be done any time of the year.

Toddlers Crafts for New Years Eve


Simple and Fun Firework Paintings

This is a fun and easy New Year’s Eve crafting idea, and there are a few ways you can do it. All you will need is some non-toxic paint, paper, and something to paint with. To create a firework-like effect, you can take some empty toilet rolls and cut one end into strips. Open the cut end up so that the cut pieces are splayed outward (this is the same procedure as making a toilet roll octopus). Dip this into some paint and then press it onto the paper.

You can also try the same effect with a bunch of flexible straws.

Fireworks Crafts for New Years Eve

Another idea is to take a fork and paint a circular firework effect. You can also try using some cardboard. Cut out a small square piece of cardboard and dip one end into the paint and apply in a circular fashion. More ideas to create a firework effect.

  • Try using pine needles
  • Group together a few pipe cleaners
  • Use a straw to blow watery paint on paper


Fun With Paper Plates

There are so many things you can do with paper plates and simply adjust to the theme as you go. When it comes to New Year’s arts and crafts, you can start by making a countdown clock. As long as you have numbers and movable clock hands, the rest is up to the kids to decorate.

You can simply have the kids draw or place stickers on the plate and attach this to a popsicle stick.

Paper Plate New Years Craft

Paper plates can also be made into noise makers, placing macaroni, buttons, or anything small and light enough between two paper plates that are stuck together.

Paper plate hats are also a popular crafting idea for kids. Take four paper plates and place a number for the new year on each and decorate. String them together to make a unique paper plate garland you can hang up.


Wishing Wand

This is a simple version of a wishing wand that the little ones can help make. All you need is some popsicle sticks or paper straws, cardboard, and other pieces of scrap paper you may have lying around. You can cut out a single star shape, which you can paint and decorate. Instead of only a single star, consider cutting out two or three smaller star shapes and creating a layered effect.

Don’t forget to add glitter!

Star for NYE Wand Art Project


Handprint Crafts

This New Year’s crafts for toddlers can even include baby brother or sister. The main item needed for this is some non-toxic and washable paint. You can use templates you can find online or there are many ideas you can get off the internet. Why not try some of the following cool ideas?

  • The printable option makes a nice keepsake for a baby, which can either be a hand or footprint.
  • Create a handprint with the year drawn in on the palms of the hands.
  • Paint a family tree with handprints. You can place names and dates on the craftwork as a beautiful keepsake.
  • Many cute animals can be created from a painted handprint.

Handprint New Years Art Idea


Cute Cardboard Prints

This is another easy idea for using cardboard toilet rolls. You simply dip the end of the toilet roll into some paint and then create round prints on the paper. You can use white paint on color paper for a contrasting effect. You can then use a little glue in the center of the circles and add some glitter for a more sparkly and celebratory effect.

Cardboard prints can also easily be created by using pieces of corrugated cardboard cut into shapes.

Cardboard Prints for New Years Arts


Sensory Play

Younger kids might not understand all the fuss about New Year celebrations. So, to include them in all the festivities, let them have fun with a themed sensory bin. Of course, the little ones should be past the stage of placing things in their mouths.

You can add any number of items into a plastic container or a box, such as tinsel, confetti, colored rice, pipe cleaners, pom-poms, party blowers, beads, foam letters, and numbers.

New Years Eve Sensory Play


Pasta Numbers

Pasta can be used for many crafting ideas, one of them includes using macaroni pieces to stick on number cutouts of the new year. There is also the old favorite of creating a pasta necklace or bracelet. To add more pizazz, you can color the pasta.

You can also color cooked spaghetti with food coloring and use this as another sensory play idea.

Pasta Crafts for New Years Fun


New Year’s Crafts for Preschoolers

The older a child gets, the more difficult it can get to keep them occupied. When it comes to keeping kids busy for a length of time, it might be a good idea to create an assortment of activities and New Year’s Eve crafts to keep them busy for the day and into the evening.

New Years Crafts for Preschoolers


Make Some Noise

Kids love making noise, so what is better than making some fun noisemaking crafts? Once the clock strikes midnight, they can make as much noise as everyone else. There are quite a few ideas and ways to make noisemakers, the easiest being to stick two plastic cups together filled with beads, rice, or any other suitable item.

Plastic Cups for New Years Eve Crafts

There is also the previous idea we mentioned that uses two paper plates with pasta pieces inside. A smaller version uses an empty decorated matchbox with small items or materials like rice inside, attached to a popsicle stick.

A piece of round cardboard that is a little bigger than a coaster can be used as a noisemaker. Simply make holes around the edge and thread through some sting with buttons attached to the end. Glue to a popsicle stick and when you turn it, the buttons will move and smack onto the cardboard, making a noise. What about a few other ideas?

  • Take a toilet roll and cover the ends after adding beads or rice inside. The kids can then decorate and make it their own.
  • Get some small bells and glue them to the end of a popsicle stick or straw.
  • Add small items to any small plastic bottle, shake it, and make some noise.


Confetti Poppers

This type of New Year’s craft is fun for all ages, young and old. Although, if you are using confetti, you might reconsider after you have to clean up after everyone. So, when it comes to cleaning up, get the kids involved as part of the fun as well.

Make Confetti Poppers for NYE

Again, you can make use of a toilet roll, these seem to come in handy for quite a few crafting ideas, so think twice before throwing them out. Decorate the toilet rolls with glitter and tissue paper and fill them with confetti, sequins, small pom-poms, or other small trinkets. To make it pop, before decorating, make sure to attach a balloon to one end.

To do this, cut off the tip of the balloon where you blow in and then wrap the rest of the balloon around the end of the toilet roll. Once you are done and ready to use the popper, pull back on the balloon and release it. All the items inside should pop out on the other end. Instead of using a toilet roll, you can also use a paper cup, just cut out the bottom piece of the cup first.

You can buy confetti, or you can make your own by punching holes into some paper. For an eco-friendlier version, you can search in the garden for some leaves and punch holes in them to make the confetti.


Paper Blowers

There are a few ideas for this activity, for one you can bring in those cardboard toilet rolls again. Add some crepe paper strips, by stapling one end closed, along with the paper. Paint the cardboard tube and there you have a simple paper blower.

Paper Blowers for New Years Eve Crafts

Staying with this idea, you can leave both ends of the cardboard tube open, and only stable different color paper strips all around the edge of one side of the tube. You can also use straws and some strategically folded paper to create one of those blowers where the paper rolls out when you blow.


Tinsel Stem Firework Rings

This is an easy idea; you can also do it with toddlers. All you need are about six tinsel stems that are almost like pipe cleaners, they just have more sparkle. These stems should all be equal in length and gathered together. You then fold five of the stems and create a ring shape, then use the sixth one to wrap around all of them. Spread the ends out to form what looks like fireworks.

Tinsel Stems for NYE Fireworks Craft


Countdown Balloons

This idea is great for introducing various craft activities. You can also simply use goodie bags as well, but balloons are a little more exciting for kids. Take different color balloons and blow them up, then paint on some numbers that will be the time you pop the balloon. Inside the balloon, you can then add an activity you want to do on some paper.

When the time comes, the kids pop the balloon and then have fun doing whatever activity was written down.

Make Countdown Balloons for NYE


New Year’s Eve Masks

You can use your imagination for this one and go wild on designs. There are also printouts for the masks and other ideas like glasses online, so at least there is some form of guideline you can follow. You can go as glittery or feathery as you want or just opt for the traditional numbers number mask that displays the date. Do not stop by masks, you can also make crowns and new year’s hats.

New Years Eve Mask Idea


Glitter Play Dough or Slime

This can be fun for both toddlers and preschoolers, as well as those who are a bit older. You can find loads of recipes online, many of them with ingredients you can already find at home. You can add confetti to your slime or make some glittery play dough for a festive New Year’s Eve.


Party Crackers

The new year is nothing without party crackers. You can easily buy this in-store, but where is the fun in that? It is not a surprise that the cardboard toilet roll comes back into the picture. You can wrap and decorate the tube and place sweets or other trinkets inside.

You can also add cracker snap strips, which should add a fun pop.

New Years Eve Crackers Craft


Paint-and-Eat Cookies

Sweet treats are sure to always be a winner with the kids. So, why not make it into an entertaining time that the whole family can enjoy? You do not have to, but since it is New Year’s Eve, sticking to the theme is a great idea. If you do not have the time, there is also the option of buying a cookie kit, then all you have to do is decorate the cookies.

Painting Cookies for NYE


New Year Craft Ideas for Older Kids

Sometimes, it might be difficult to get older kids to participate. Although most of the above New Year’s Eve crafts can be done by all ages, on occasion, you may have to make things a little more interesting.

Getting Tweens to Participate in NYE Crafts


Disco Ball

A party is missing something without a flashing disco ball. These are easy to make and add some sparkly fun to any party. You can even keep them and use them as sun catchers afterward.

All you require is some mirror mosaic tiles, a Styrofoam ball, and a glue gun.

Disco Ball New Years Eve Craft


Paper Fortune Cookies

If you are into a bit of origami, you can make some paper fortune cookies. Create some silly fortunes or just place best wishes inside. Of course, if you want to make things more challenging, you can always try making the real deal, which has the added benefit of being edible.


New Year Candles

This is another easy craft idea, all you need is four fairly thick candles, some mod podge, and glitter paint. You can add numbers to each candle for the new year by using a sharpie pen or you can apply some adhesive vinyl stickers.

Once you have painted the candle, you can remove the stickers, leaving the number behind in the paint.

New Years Eve Candle Craft


Photo Props

Photo props are always fun, no matter what age or event. These are items you can use over again each year. The props can include creative signs, glasses, hats, bowties, mustaches, or any other inventive idea.

Make Photo Props for NYE Craft


New Year T-Shirts

Why not commemorate the new year with a t-shirt? You do not need a lot of materials, except a white t-shirt and some fabric paint. Have the kids paint the date on the t-shirt and then let them express themselves by painting whatever they want for the rest of the t-shirt.



This collection of New Year’s craft ideas should be a good starting point for planning your next event. The kids will be entertained, everyone will be having fun together and making memories, which is what it is all really about.



Frequently Asked Questions


How Can You Have Fun at Home on New Year’s Eve?

There are a lot of activities and New Year’s Eve crafts that can be done that will keep the whole family busy. You can organize a goodie bag that contains some fun craft ideas the kids can do throughout the day and night. Play games, bake together, have dinner together, and include everyone in all of the activities.


What Are the Most Popular New Year Craft Ideas?

There are so many New Year’s art projects, but the most popular ones are the party noisemakers and poppers, play dough or slime, making fancy hats and glasses, firework paintings, and anything to do with balloons.


Can You Use Confetti Poppers Outside?

Yes, you can use the confetti poppers inside and outside. However, they do make quite a mess so make sure to clean up after you are finished. If you do pop them outside, why not try confetti made from leaves as an eco-friendlier option?

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