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Purple and Brown Make What Color? – Shades of Harmony

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Purple and brown are not commonly combined, but that does not mean that they are unable to produce visually stunning designs. When one neutral shade and a single vivid color are combined, they will produce a distinct hue. To answer the question of, “purple and brown make what color when mixed?”, there are plenty of possibilities, and we have taken the liberty to explore all of them below!



Brown and Purple in Color Theory

Brown and purple are contrasting colors that have nothing in common when it comes to their appearance. However, the two can work together to create harmony in design and you can easily blend them to create different shades of plum.

brown purple

ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Brown#964B000, 50, 100, 41150, 75, 0
Purple#A020F033, 87, 0, 6160, 32, 240
Cardinal Red#C41E3A0, 85, 70, 23196, 30, 58


Understanding Brown

Brown is a significantly more subdued color, with just 2-3% of the general population declaring it to be their favorite. On the other hand, 20-27% of respondents said it was their least preferred color. Nonetheless, brown remains an important color. It is a prevalent color in nature, from the dirt under our feet to the branches and trunks of trees. Brown, being a neutral color, may be quite useful. It works nicely as a foundation for more vibrant colors and when creating a color pallet with a variety of hues. Brown, as well as red, orange, and yellow, are considered warm colors. It might signify everything from security and stability to dullness and loneliness.

brown and purple mixed nature


Understanding Purple

Purple is a lovely hue that ranges from pale lilac to the more mysterious dark aubergine. Based on one poll, it is also among the most loved colors, placing either second or third globally. Purple is classified as a secondary color in color theory. Purple may be created by combining two main colors, blue and red. Violet is also known to be true purple since it contains equal proportions of both blue and red colors. As a result, it is equally represented on the color wheel by both blue and red. Purple represents a wide range of emotions, from mystique and spirituality to melancholy and despair. Based on the tint, it might appear fresh and playful or subdued and solemn.

It was also the color of nobility in several societies throughout history.


Plum Symbolism

Plum is a sophisticated color that represents royalty, romanticism, and grandeur. It varies from other shades of dark purple in that they are frequently associated with sadness or dissatisfaction. The connotations of the color plum have a stronger connection to purple as a whole than other tints of the color.

brown and purple mixed symbolism

Purple is commonly associated with intrigue, nobility, and creativity. Those who look upon it are enlightened, inspired, and encouraged. It, like other colors, has both positive and negative connotations. It may represent compassion, knowledge, and innovation, but it may also represent sensitivity, alertness, and naivety. It all comes down to how you employ the color plum.


Making Lighter and Darker Shades of Plum

Plum is naturally a deeper shade of purple, yet by applying just a bit of black, you may make it much darker. To start, a darker brown might be used to produce a darker plum. A “shade” will be created as a result of this. As soon as you add white to a color, it becomes lighter or has a “tint.”

Keep in mind that applying white can render the color lighter or even more opaque.



Different Variations of Purple and Brown Blends

So, if you are wondering, “purple and brown make what color when they are mixed?”. We have provided you with a chart that will make it easier for you to determine what happens when different ratios of brown and purple are mixed. Here you will also find the necessary hex, CMYK, and RGB codes for making these colors.

ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Veronica#A121DC27, 85, 0, 14161, 33, 220
Dark Orchid 1#A122C820, 83, 0, 22161, 34, 200
Dark Orchid 2#A223B510, 81, 0, 29162, 35, 181
Byzantine#A224A10, 78, 1, 36162, 36, 161
Fandango#A3258D0, 77, 13, 36163, 37, 141
Amaranth Deep Purple 1#A326790, 77, 26, 36163, 38, 121
Amaranth Purple 2#A427650, 76, 38, 36164, 39, 101
Amaranth Purple#A428520, 76, 50, 36164, 40, 82
Big Dip O’Ruby#A5293E0, 75, 62, 35165, 41, 62

brown and purple mixed



Using Brown and Purple

It is a no-brainer that brown and purple work together very well; however, it is important to consider the different shades of each color before using them. For instance, using dark brown and dark purple can leave you with a bit of a mess. But if you choose a light and a dark color, you will be left with a beautiful design, outfit, or decor.


Brown and Purple in Graphic Design

There are a variety of brands that have incorporated purple into their packaging design. Chocolate brands such as Milka and Cadbury are known for their deep purple packaging. Brown on the other hand has become synonymous with luxurious, yet earthy characteristics, but it’s also a color that symbolizes reliability, security, and confidence. Brands such as UPS, M&M, and Wild Jones have used it.

brown and purple mixed graphic design

Additional colors should be considered if you would like your design to be more intriguing. Yellow, blue, gray, and white are merely a few examples of complementary colors. If you are unable to utilize brown and purple in tandem, you can also experiment with them individually. Because brown acts as a neutral color, it complements almost every other color.


Brown and Purple in Fashion Design

It might sound wrong to some, but purple and brown can easily work together to create a trendy outfit. In a brown and purple combo, both colors of brown and purple need to be accentuated. Your cropped knit pullover needs to be lavender in color, with tan brown trousers. You may experiment with the shoes by selecting a lighter color for your stilettos, and you are done. There are quite a few colors that will not compliment purple, particularly when planning an outfit because the color is extremely vibrant. It is primarily a question regarding individual taste and choice, although the incorrect tint of blue or white might cause uneasiness.

Not only might some colors appear out of place on occasion, but so can specific patterns.


Brown and Purple in Interior Design

Brown and purple may not be among the first pairings that come to mind, yet the two colors complement each other effectively. Dark purple looks great with light browns like beige, coffee, or tan. The two colors may be seen combined in room designs, clothes, and different types of artwork.

brown and purple mixed interior design

Vibrant hues such as blue, yellow, mint, and fuchsia, as well as neutral pigments such as gray, black, and white, might complement brown. Purple is frequently combined with yellow, red, pink, and blue. Because yellow is on the other side of the color wheel from purple, it might make it even more vibrant when used on billboards and other advertisements.


Although brown does not appear to be the simplest color to work with, it may provide some interesting outcomes. It frequently makes the color seem muddy in paints, although, with purple, it may provide a nice plum tint. If it comes to integrating lighting, however, brown cannot be combined at all, as it does not appear in light. There are several color combinations available, and each one produces a distinct appearance. So, experiment with combining a variety of colors to assist you in locating the greatest colors to work with!




Frequently Asked Questions


Will Brown and Purple Mixed Give Me a New Color?

Unfortunately not, as it will simply darken the purple color, creating different shades to play around with. There’s not much to consider when trying to figure out the outcome of a brown and purple blend since mixing orange and purple will give you a reddish brown. When you consider that brown is essentially a shade of orange, it is easier to predict what you will end up with.


When Mixed Together, Purple and Brown Make What Color?

When mixing brown and purple, you will end up with a darker shade of purple called plum. However, adding more brown will also give you a deep red, which makes sense since brown is fundamentally a variation of orange.


Purple and Brown Make What Color When Equal Parts Are Mixed?

If you decide to find out what happens when brown and purple are mixed, you will end up with a darker shade of purple. But if you choose to blend equal parts of brown and purple, you will end up with a shade of purple called plum. This hue represents the ideal balance of the pleasant earthiness of brown as well as the magnificent appeal of purple. Plum enriches areas with vitality, new beginnings, and a whimsical touch.

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