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Seafoam Green Color – Tips for Designing with Seafoam Green

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Recently, the seafoam green color has become popular in fashion runway shows from Milan to New York. Designers have been creating impressive ranges incorporating contrasting hues of yellow and seafoam colors. But what color is seafoam green, and what are the colors that complement seafoam green? In exploring the shades of seafoam green, we will discover what colors go with seafoam green, discuss the difference between seafoam green vs. mint green, and provide you with the seafoam green hex code.



The Seafoam Green Color Palette

The vibrant yet subtle seafoam color can add life to your home, wardrobe, and art. Yet, what color is seafoam green? The seafoam green color can be defined as a mix of light green and light blue with a slight gray tint. Shades of seafoam green are abundant in nature, such as on the foamy shores of beaches, hence the ocean-themed name of the seafoam color.

Seafoam Green ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color CodeRGB Color CodeSeafoam Green Color
Seafoam Green#93e9be0.37, 0.00, 0.18, 0.09147, 233, 190


Green Color in Seafoam


Seafoam Green vs. Mint Green

People very often get these two colors confused, as at first glance they do appear rather similar. Yet, despite these general similarities, they are actually two distinct colors, with the seafoam green hex code being #98ff98, and the mint green hex code being #3eb489. Seafoam green has a significant amount of blue, creating a unique hue that differentiates it from mint green even further.

 ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color CodeRGB Color CodeColor
Seafoam Green#93e9be0.37, 0.00, 0.18, 0.09147, 233, 190
Mint Green#3eb48932,0,33,0162,228,184


Fresh Seafoam and Mint Green Colors


The History of the Seafoam Green Color

Ever since the 1700s, shades of seafoam green and other subtle green hues have been used in art. The seafoam color occurs naturally when certain metals are exposed to oxygen or water over a long period of time. At first, paint manufacturers had to mimic this natural process to create the seafoam color, which took many months, but after much experimentation, they managed to cut the processing time down to just a couple of weeks.

Seafoam Green Paint

In the 1950s, the seafoam color became very popular, used in everything from interior design to fashion and even in cars. The seafoam green color palette was also a popular choice in the 1990s, and today the fashion world is currently experiencing another resurgence of interest in the various shades of foam green.

Seafoam Green in Fashion and Design

Designers use seafoam green to add a natural tone to a wide range of commercial products such as furniture, shoes, and jewelry. Although actual seafoam is white in color, this specific hue of blue-green was named seafoam green as it evokes images of the ocean, specifically the shades of seafoam green typically seen close to the shore around the seafoam itself. In 2001, the crayon manufacturing company Crayola officially released a seafoam-colored crayon, which helped bring the hue greater acknowledgment. Thereafter it was used more often in branding and products, further amplifying its recognition by the general public as a popular choice for various items and artworks.

Seafoam Green Color


The Meaning of the Seafoam Color

Seafoam green is often associated with nature as it can be found in the forests and oceans worldwide. It is regarded as a rejuvenating color, but also has negative connotations such as jealousy – being green with envy. It is also a color that people associate with innocence and youthfulness. It is also considered a lucky color and is even used in illustrations of leprechauns to depict the color of their clothing.

Restful Seafoam Green Color Palette

Although it contains green, there is also a fair amount of blue, which conveys a feeling of calm and peacefulness. Too much blue could make a color feel colder, creating a more somber tone, but the green helps to create a balance that enlivens and brightens the overall hue, making the color feel full of life and brimming with positivity.

Due to the enlivening quality of the seafoam color, it is recommended to use it in any home spaces that need some brightening up to create a calming yet vibrant atmosphere. Many people also associate a healthy lifestyle with this color as it reminds them of nutritional vegetables and hikes in the forest. As with any color associated with the undulating motion of the ocean, it is a great color to add to any space where you want to create a meditative and soothing atmosphere.


It is a color that creates a sense of harmonious balance, allowing us to let go of anxieties and stress accumulated throughout the day. It offers a feeling of serenity and is therefore perfect to use in any artwork that requires the addition of a relaxing and tranquil color.

Effect of Seafoam Green Color in Art



Using Seafoam Green

The seafoam color can be used in many versatile ways due to its subtle tone. It is the perfect color to use when promoting a product or brand that wishes to associate itself with the qualities of a healthy and natural lifestyle. It can be typically found in the fresh products section of supermarkets as well as holistic health stores. By choosing a seafoam green gazebo or making seafoam color posters and branding, you can also attract customers looking for fresh produce at a market. In the 1950s it was commonly used in kitchens and bathrooms, and this clean and fresh aesthetic is currently trending once again.

Seafoam Green in Retro Kitchen


Using Seafoam Green in the Home

The seafoam green color palette can be used to decorate the rooms in your house by painting one wall as a focal point. If you would like to paint all the walls in the seafoam color, then it is recommended that you create a striped pattern of seafoam green and ghost white. The stripes help to make the walls seem longer, which assists in making the space feel larger than it really is.

 ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color CodeRGB Color CodeColor
Seafoam Green#93e9be0.37, 0.00, 0.18, 0.09147, 233, 190
Ghost White#f8f8ff3, 3, 0, 0248, 248, 255
Slate Gray#77889922, 11, 0, 40119, 136, 153


Gray and Yellow with Seafoam Green

This could be helpful for making small areas feel less stuffy and adding a vintage feel to your space. You could also use the seafoam green color to enhance the room with decorative accents rather than coloring the walls. If you have chosen a lighter color such as white or slate gray as the primary hue for your room, you can add some seafoam green throws, rugs, or pillows to add a touch of liveliness without disturbing the overall feeling of tranquility.


How to Use the Seafoam Color in Art

In order to use this tranquil color in your own art, you must first know how to make it. Sure, you can most likely buy the seafoam color premade straight off a store shelf, but if you know how to blend the correct colors yourself, you can make it with the colors you already have at home. The first step is to mix a bit of yellow and blue to create the base color, and then add more blue until you have the deeper hue that you require for the next step.

Seafoam Green Color in Art

Now that you have a nice deep green hue, you can lighten and soften it by adding small amounts of cerebellum gray until you are left with the seafoam green color. Seafoam green has a very pastel character, which is naturally subtle on its own. Yet, you easily liven up your art by adding warm and bright colors like scarlet. It is the perfect color to add to your landscape paintings as it is commonly found in foliage, and will make your artwork appear more alive and organic.

 ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color CodeRGB Color CodeColor
Seafoam Green#93e9be0.37, 0.00, 0.18, 0.09147, 233, 190
Scarlet#ff24000, 86, 100, 0255, 36, 0
Cerebellum Gray#c8c7c90, 1, 0, 21200, 199, 201




What Colors Go With Seafoam Green?

When selecting colors that complement seafoam green in your home, keep the existing colors in mind, and choose something that won’t lessen the subtle character of the seafoam green color. For example, using neutral colors such as beige, white, and gray, will work great if you want to keep the seafoam green aspects of your room as your primary focal point. These neutral tones blend well with seafoam green to create a crispy fresh atmosphere and add a touch of warmth to the otherwise cool hue. You can add neutral-colored furniture, drapes, or decorations to a predominantly seafoam green room to create a tranquil atmosphere that feels clean without feeling too clinical.

 ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color CodeRGB Color CodeColor
Beige#f5f5dc0, 0, 10, 4245, 245, 220
White#ffffff0, 0, 0, 0255, 255, 255
Ash Gray#b2beb56, 0, 5, 25178,190,181


Seafoam Green with Gray, White, and Beige

If you are concerned that your environment might feel too cold, you can always add a soft yellow color to make the room feel warmer and brighter, balancing out the cooler aspects of the seafoam green color. Do not choose a very bright yellow though, as it will contrast too much with the subtle tone of the seafoam color, instead, add a few pale-yellow accents, as it is one of the colors that complement seafoam green perfectly. Other great colors to pair with seafoam green are metallic colors such as copper, gold, and silvery gray. Adding accents of metallic colors can produce an old-world sophisticated feeling to your space without affecting the overall peaceful feeling or appearing too glitzy.

 ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color CodeRGB Color CodeColor
Copper#b873330, 38, 72, 28184, 115, 51
Gold#ffd7000, 16, 100, 0255, 215, 0
Silvery Gray#c0c0c00, 0, 0, 25192,192,192


Seafoam Green with Brown Color

You can add just a touch of glamor to your seafoam green room by incorporating a metallic-rimmed mirror or perhaps a metallic-colored lamp into the space. Red and green shades are complementary, and therefore subtle shades of seafoam green go well with subtle shades of red such as pink. Pink adds a sensual yet elegant and sophisticated element to a seafoam green room, and any shade of pink from dark to light pink, such as lace pink or carnation pink, will work with the seafoam color.

 ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color CodeRGB Color CodeColor
Carnation#ffa6c90, 35, 21, 0255, 166, 201
Pink Lace#ffddf40, 13, 4, 0255, 221, 244


Seafoam Green with Soft Pinks

If you find pink too girlish for your personal tastes, then perhaps a more muted peach pink will work better in your living space, as it contains undertones of beige. To maintain a balance of these colors in your space, add accents of pink sparingly by incorporating them in your room with a small pink rug or pink flowers. You can also pair seafoam green with one of the colors it is comprised of. For example, you can combine it with charcoal gray, midnight blue, or maybe forest green. All of these colors will make a room or artwork feel vibrant and fresh. For a more glamorous or sophisticated design, pair it with ivory, maroon, or magenta.

Seafoam Green with Blues and Purples

 ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color CodeRGB Color CodeColor
Charcoal Gray#36454f32, 13, 0, 6954, 69, 79
Peach#fad1af0, 16, 30, 2250, 209, 175
Midnight Blue#08113B78, 78, 0, 568, 17, 59
Forest Green#228b2276, 0, 76, 4534, 139, 34
Ivory#fffff00, 0, 6, 0255, 255, 240
Magenta#ff00ff0, 100, 0, 0255, 0, 255
Maroon#8000000, 100, 100, 50128, 0, 0



As we have learned, the seafoam green color can be utilized in your home and art to create a wonderfully peaceful, tranquil, and revitalizing atmosphere. Shades of seafoam green remind one of the calming natural spaces that surround us and are therefore perfect to add to your interior design if you wish to bring the feeling of the outdoors into your home. If you are thinking about adding the seafoam green color palette to your art, then it is recommended to use it for any landscape art, or any depiction of the ocean or foliage. It is also a very popular choice on fashion runways across the globe, so adding it to your wardrobe will make you feel both fresh, relaxed, and trendy.



Frequently Asked Questions


What Colors Go With Seafoam Green?

The soft shades of seafoam green go well with many other colors, due to their subtle pastel-like hues. The colors that complement seafoam green the best are pale yellow, reddish-oranges, metallic colors such as gold, bronze, and silver, as well as softer pinks. The seafoam color also works very well with neutral hues such as beige, cream, and white. Using this color in your home works best if paired with colors that do not detract from the subtle character of the seafoam color walls or furnishings.


What Color Is Seafoam Green?

You can mix seafoam green by combining blue and yellow to get a green base color. From there you can add more blue until you get a nice darkish green hue. The final step is to add gray slowly until you have achieved a subtle green that looks gentle yet vibrantly alive. Ultimately, you want to play around with the mixture until it has a balance of hues that are not overbearing, and evoke a sense of nature and tranquility. If you don’t have the required colors at home to make your own seafoam color, then you can simply go to any hardware store or paint supplier and purchase it premade. The seafoam green hex code that you will require is #93e9be.

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