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How To Seal Glitter – Sealer and Glue for Glitter Overview

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Glitter is known for beautifying crafts and projects, bedazzling items, or clothing and can even be used in hair and makeup. With so many wonderful functions it’s no wonder glitter is such a popular tool. The only disadvantage being the mess, thankfully this can be avoided by using a glitter sealer. If you would like to know how to seal glitter you’ve come to the right place.




Working With Glitter

Any crafter, hobbyist, or student has used some form of glitter for a project at least once. This is a fabulous tool for adding some sparkle and pizazz to your creations. Glitters come in different mediums and variations including hard glitters, glitter glues, paints, and even glitter sealers. Knowing what you want to do with your glitter is the first step in identifying which option will work best. Ultimately there are at least six different glitter sizes available once can work with, most of these will need to be sealed to prevent damage or rubbing off. Below we are going to identify the different glitter sizing options available and what they are used for.

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XL Glitter Pieces

Starting with the larger varieties, extra-large glitter pieces are usually the ones that look like mirror discs and are used as hanging décor or clothing addons. Extra-large glitter pieces can be used for a plethora of arts and crafts or decorating ideas. These glitter pieces are big enough to be stuck onto flat surfaces too such as a Styrofoam ball, which would give the appearance of a disco ball.

Some people also like to use glitter as a confetti alternative, though this can be highly dangerous to birds and other wildlife if consumed by them. luckily these pieces are large enough to pick up and discard without much effort.


Large Glitter Pieces

These are a size smaller than the mirror discs but can still be used for art that you want to be seen from a distance. Larger glitter particles are generally used for displays or larger scale creations such as floats or signboards as they still provide good visibility. These come in various colors and can be used just as you would normal glitter. These larger sizes are chunkier and easier to handle than smaller glitter particles.


Medium Glitter Pieces

This sizing option is most commonly used for theatre or costume applications. The pieces stick well and are not too small so they are easier to handle and apply to fabrics. These glitters also come in various colors and are visible from a shorter distance than the larger ones. Price wise it Is more cost-effective to use smaller glitter pieces when working on bigger projects as they provide more coverage.


Fine Glitter Pieces

This is the most commonly used glitter for arts and crafts. Fine glitter still has larger particles than the ultra-fine shaker glitters but is easier to clean up. This size glitter comes in the widest range of colors perfect for any project you need them for. They also have a striking sparkle that will still catch the eye if applied correctly. Finer glitter works well for covering things in glitter.

glitter paint for glass


Extra-Fine Glitter Pieces

This is the second smallest size generally available. These are very small particles of glitter and they still provide great coverage and color on smaller projects. These give off more of a sparkle, being larger than the ultra-fine option. Extra fine glitter can be messy and hard to clean up as the pieces are so tiny. these glitters are mostly used for hair and jewelry accessories.


Ultra-Fine Glitter Pieces

This is the really tiny stuff. These ultra-fine pieces often come in a shaker form to make sprinkling your glitter much easier. This glitter option is best used in small areas where it can be clustered to enhance details. These ultra-fine glitters often come off and stick to your hands and skin. These options are widely used in body glitter and make-up formulations.

These glitters also come in some beautiful color options including pastels and metallics. Because the pieces are so small these glitter sizes are the most expensive, but a little goes a long way. When using these they are definitely a less is more kind of product.



Using and Sealing Your Glitter

Now that we know what different types and sizes of glitter are available, we can take a look at some methods for proper care and sealing our glitter projects. There are many glitter sealant options out there, the one you choose will be based on your project tools and requirements.

Before you can get started there are certain preparations that must be made. Often underestimated this step is quite important when working with glitter. Before you can start, you will need to prepare your space. Using a smooth area to work on helps a lot when working with finicky mediums like glitter. If you only have a rough surface or table, perhaps a cloth over a board may work to make things easier.

Another helpful tip is to never attempt glitter work on a carpet or rug area. You will thank us for this later! While you may be able to vacuum up your glitter, there is always the chance of messing glue or other more permanent items onto the fabrics and making a real mess. Working on a tiled or laminated floor will greatly impact and reduce your clean-up worries. Often people find that working over or on top of a tray can be helpful too. Especially when wanting to catch and save any glitter pieces for future projects.


Glitter Paint For Glass and Solid Surfaces

If you have been wondering how to seal glitter on glass or other solid surfaces, then this is for you. Using either glitter paint for glass or using a glitter sealant once you have applied your glitter. There are two ways in which to do this. Glitter sealants can be used over any form of glitter including glitter paint and glue options. Below are a few methods for sealing glitter on glass and other solid surfaces.

how to seal glitter on glass


Glitter Mod Podge; Making Glitter Paint

Using mod podge and glitter is the easiest way in which to make your own glitter paints. This method makes using glitter much easier and hassle-free as you will not be dealing with any loose, fine pieces. Take a look below at how to make your own glitter mod podge.


You need

  • Mod podge
  • Glitter
  • Foam brush
  • Glass item to decorate



  • First decant some mod podge into a small jar or container.
  • Add some glitter to your mod podge and begin mixing.
  • The more shimmer you need, the more glitter you will need to apply.
  • Once you are happy with the outcome you can begin applying the glitter paint to your glass surface.
  • If you would prefer to use a wood or plastic base, then this method will work well for that too.
  • Spread your glitter paint evenly over the entire surface area you need to be painted.
  • Wait for each layer to dry before adding more. Once dry you will have a better idea of the sparkle and whether or not you would like to apply more.
  • Once done wait for everything to dry completely. You may notice that your project lacks a little luster. This can be from the matte finish of your mod podge and glitter combined. If you would prefer a glossier finish, then using a glitter sealer spray such as Krylon will achieve those results.


Mod Podge And Glitter: Using Loose Glitter

This method is not as quick and simple as before. This is the process of sprinkling and gluing your glitter to the surface by hand which is much messier and more time-consuming. You can apply this method using mod podge or another glue for glitter. If you are gluing over fabric then you can use fabric glue as a sealant.

  • For this method you will still require the use of your foam roller. You may want to incorporate a tray into the mix to work over to catch your glitter and minimize clean-up later.
  • Using your foam roller, evenly coat your surface with the glue for the glitter you have chosen. Next, you want to evenly sprinkle your glitter over the wet glue covering the desired area completely.
  • Let this layer dry before attempting anything further. It will take longer than the above method as the glitter layer will naturally be thicker.
  • If once dry, you feel it needs another glitter application, then you can repeat as necessary.
  • Once dry you can use the glue option as a glitter sealant if your glue dries clear. Using mod podge for this is certainly quick and easy. You can also go for the high gloss option for more of a sheen. However, as we saw in the previous method it does tend to have a much chalkier and matte effect once dry regardless. So, it may be more useful to purchase a glitter spray sealer.

glue for glitter


How To Seal Glitter On Shoes And Fabrics

Glitter is a funky add-on to shoes and clothing items, the only concern is whether it will wash off. This may be a bit trickier than how to seal glitter on glass, but it is doable. Namely by using products that are specially formulated to be used on fabric and shoes. This way your glitter will not be removed in the wash or from general wear and tear as loose glitter particles would.

If you are looking to jazz up a pair of shoes for an event and are not too concerned about the glitter lasting after that, the best way to do them up would be using the mod podge and glitter methods we spoke about. Either making and applying your mod podge glitter paint to the shoes or by sprinkling your glitter over wet glue and leaving that to dry. Once they are dry and complete, you can paint a thinner coat of mod podge or glue over your shoes to seal them. or you can apply another form of glitter sealer spray for longer-lasting results.

There is a home method that one can use if you are looking for an easy and quick solution to seal your glitter fabric crafts.



Using Hairspray As A Glitter Sealer

Hairspray is an easy fixative for some art mediums like oils and acrylic paints and even pastels. This can be used as a glitter sealant for certain projects too.

  • Hairspray is a great alternative to using glue and other sealants on your clothing items. When working with fabric options, this is a quick-drying and easy method to use.
  • Once you have applied your glitter to the fabrics and have left them to dry, you can start spraying your fixative.
  • The key is to use your hairspray as you would a can of spray paint, hold it at a distance for optimum results. It is best to not oversaturate your fabrics either, just a little to cover the area is enough.
  • When washing or dry cleaning these fabric items, chances are they will not hold up very well as the hairspray runs the risk of washing out.
  • This is not a long-term solution but rather a quick fix until you can properly seal your project.


Using Fabric Glue As A Glitter Sealant

Another option when working with glitter and fabrics is to use fabric-specific glue. This is not only used to stick the glitter to your materials but can also be used as a sealant afterward.

  • This would work in the same way as our previous methods.
  • Place your material onto a smooth and flat surface or tray.
  • Next using the roller or a paintbrush, apply an even coat of the fabric glue to the fabric.
  • Now sprinkle your glitter over the desired area.
  • After a day or so it should be dry enough to apply your glitter sealant. In this case, your fabric glue. This should provide a tougher hold in the was compared to hairspray.

While hairspray and mod podge will do the job temporarily, it may be best to use a permanent fabric glitter spray for longer and more vibrant results on materials and shoes. These are glitter sprays that are specially formulated for use on fabrics and they contain a sealant to protect your clothing and shoes in the wash. They come in different color varieties and can be used on most fabrics.

how to seal glitter on shoes



The Best Glitter Sealers

Having discussed some easy at-home methods on how to seal glitter, we know these sealants can come in many forms. Some great examples of glitter sealants include Mod podge, spray fixatives, glues or you can also use an epoxy coating. Let’s take a look at some product recommendations for these below.


The Best Glitter Sealer Spray: KRYLON Triple-Thick Crystal Glaze Spray

Krylon is a well-known name in the painting industry. From spray paints and primers to their range of aerosol sealants, they are a brand to trust. With this triple thick, crystal clear sealant one coat is the same as using three coats of other competing brands. Krylons formula can be used on many materials including paper, metal, plaster, wood, and pottery. This is also suited to use on fabrics or for those wanting to know how to seal glitter on shoes.

KRYLON Triple Thick Clear Glaze Aerosol Spray
  • Triple thick glaze's high solids formula quickly builds a bright, clear coating giving the illusion of depth
  • One coat equals three coats of many other clear aerosols
  • Used on many types of materials wood plaster, Resin, bisque, metal, plastic and paper
View on Amazon

As a glitter sealer spray, this will work well in protecting your designs with a high gloss glazed finish. This spray takes under half an hour before it can be touched and will be fully dry in under three hours. Once dry it creates a permanent, protective barrier ensuring the longevity of your glitter designs in the future.


  • Use less, one coat equals three
  • Versatile for use if different surfaces
  • Creates a high gloss, glazed finish
  • Easy to use, spray
  • Permanent finish will not peel or crack
  • Range comes in different finishes


  • High quality, means more expensive than other options
  • Other products in the range have different finishes but they are not the same triple-thick formula



The Best Permanent Fabric Glitter Spray: TULIP Glitter Spray And Sealant

This permanent fabric spray paint from Tulip is designed to produce rich and sparkling colors that last. The benefits of this fabric paint are that it will not fade once dry and your clothing will not lose any shine after washing. Tulips permanent fabric paints are fun and easy to use, they are also non – toxic. Using stencils with these glitter sprays allows one to create intricate works of art on their shoes or clothing. Although it may come out quite thick, once you have sprayed tulip fabric paint onto your materials, you can use a paintbrush to smooth them out and prevent oil and glue build-ups in one area. this range comes in many color options and will work best on lighter fabrics.

TULIP Fabric Glitter Spray Paint Sparkling Star
  • Permanent Spray Paint for Fabrics
  • The Colors work best on light-colored fabrics
  • Available in 4oz pump spray bottle
View on Amazon


  • Glitter and sealant in one
  • Easy to use
  • Permanent application
  • Great color options
  • Intense shine
  • Non-toxic
  • Affordable


  • Only one size available
  • Does not work well on dark fabrics
  • Only comes in singles



Fabric Glue As A Glitter Sealant: ALEENE’S OK to Wash-It Fabric Glue

Whether you are looking to decorate fabrics and clothing or you are looking to seal them, this product is a must. Aleene’s permanent fabric glue is wash resistant, meaning when used as a sealant your glitters will be perfectly preserved for a long time. This fabric glue is also quick to dry and works best on heavier fabrics that it can firmly grip to. As with any project you will need to wait before this is fully dried and set before attempting any washing. This means waiting up to 10 days before the item can be washed for the first time. It is also important to make sure your clothing items are inside out when washed to prevent your glitter scraping or washing off and to only use gentle wash cycles going forward to improve longevity.

ALEENE'S ORIGINAL OK to Wash-It, Permanent Fabric Adhesive
  • Bond ribbons trim appliques and more to fabric
  • Available in 2oz bottle, made in the United States
  • Wash after the glue cures in 7–10 days; inside out on gentle cycle; air dry
View on Amazon


  • Used as a glue and sealant for fabrics
  • Dries quickly
  • Permanent
  • Washable
  • Will hold well on thicker fabrics like shoes or denim


  • Will not hold up on thinner fabrics like silk
  • Must be washed inside out, on gentle or cold settings

glitter mod podge



For the Best Glitter Mod Podge Project: MOD PODGE Gloss

Because traditional mod podge dries to quite a flat or sometimes chalky look, we are recommending Mod Podge Gloss for those projects that require a smoother, shinier finish. Aside from having a gloss finish, this multipurpose mod podge also works as a glue and sealant in one. This clear and fast-drying formula is permanent and water-based. The range comes in different finish options too such as glitter, matte, satin, and even antique.

MOD PODGE Waterbase Sealer, Glue and Finish
  • Multipurpose, all-in-one sealant, glue, and finish
  • Quick-drying for multiple coat build up, dries clear
  • Apply with brush or sponge applicator
View on Amazon

This mod pod range is most used for decoupage or paper mâché, but it is suitable for other surfaces such as wood or plastic too. Mod Podge products are available in either glue or spray form so you can decide how much you need and what will be best for the work you are doing. This sealer dries within twenty minutes and can be layered and sanded if required for a smoother finish.


  • Multipurpose product
  • Affordable
  • Comes in different finishes
  • Comes in glue or spray form
  • Gloss finish and dries clear
  • Permanent and water-resistant when dry
  • Versatile on different surfaces


  • Strong smell
  • More layers may make it more opaque when dry



Using A Pour-on Epoxy Sealant: ENVIROTEX Lite Pour-On High-Gloss Epoxy

When it comes to sealing things using a pouring epoxy is beneficial as it does more work with less product. This is a superior quality product and can be pricier than other options, although it will certainly last you much longer. Envirotex has created this high gloss pour on epoxy that is solvent-free and perfect for sealing glitter projects and crafts. It works much like a glaze and will take up to three days to properly cure and dry.

ENVIROTEX LITE Pour-On, High Gloss Finish
  • Pour-on epoxy coating, high gloss clear finish, solvent-free formula
  • Versatile enough to use on most surfaces
  • Preserves and beautifies, 1:1 ratio is easy to use
View on Amazon

Just adding one layer of this sealant over your project, has the same effect as adding up to 60 layers of varnish! You can imagine the buttery smooth texture Envirotex pour on epoxy must leave behind as a finish. Added benefits are once you coat your projects with this, they will be protected from moisture and heat as this product is water-resistant and heatproof. The only downside is you may notice some yellowing if left in the sun too long.


  • Lasts much longer than other products
  • Leaves a smooth high gloss glaze
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Can be used on different surfaces
  • Will protect your designs from water or heat damage
  • Non-toxic
  • Comes in different sizes


  • May turn yellow with age
  • Bigger sizes are quite pricey



Working With Glitter

Now we know the various ways in which to seal our glitter arts and crafts. Because glitter is so versatile and can be used on many different surfaces, it is understandable why people using it so much! Before we leave you to get started with your projects, here is one more recommendation you may not want to miss out on.

how to seal glitter


Best Craft Glitter: LUXAX Set of Luxury Glitter

This is the perfect starter kit for anyone who is looking to begin working with glitter or take on a new project. With 30 colors to choose from, this set from LuxAx will not leave room for any unhappy customers. This set includes various sizes, shapes, and color variations so your crafting and décor options are endless! Whether you are looking for fine, large, or XL glitter. This set comes with glitter shakers so you have control over how much you are dispensing at any given time. These glitters can be used on paper, skin, hair, or for any other arts and crafts projects or fun ideas as they are not toxic. For such an affordable price, you really are getting great value for money.

LUXAX 30 Sets of Pro Grade Glitter, Ultra Fine
  • This Ultra fine glitter is the highest grade and most exquisite and beautiful of all glitters!
  • 100% Non-Toxic tested and certified for safe use.
  • For Epoxy Resin, Slime, Cosmetic, School Arts and Crafts, Nails, Face, Hair and Body
View on Amazon


  • Safe to use on skin or hair
  • Different colors and sizes
  • Shaker bottles
  • Affordable


  • Cannot top up with one color if you run out

We hope you enjoyed the read and got some useful tips for working with and sealing your glitter projects.



Frequently Asked Questions


How To Seal Glitter on Glass?

When painting on glass you can use either glitter paint for glass or a glitter sealer once you have applied your glitter. For sealant options, you can use either glue, mod podge, or glitter sealant spray for the best results. You can also mix some glitter directly into a small amount of glue or mod podge to create your own glitter glues and paints.


What is the Best Glitter Sealer for Fabrics?

Fabrics are quite delicate to work with and thus most harsh sealants and oil-based products cannot be used with them. This is where one would look for a permanent fabric glitter spray instead. These are designed to apply glitter to the fabric while sealing your designs at the same time. Using these fabric sprays will protect any glitter on your clothing and shoes from getting removed in the wash.


What Is the Best Glue for Glitter?

This answer will vary based on your other project materials. When working on flat, solid surfaces then mod podge, epoxy, and other clear drying glues will work well. If you are planning on working with fabrics or shoes then you may like to try a fabric-specific glue.

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