What Color Does Black and Yellow Make

What Color Does Black and Yellow Make? – Discover Olive Green

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There are endless possibilities when it comes to the world of color and among the various shades in existence, mixing different colors with black can produce some incredible results. You have likely wondered, “what color does black and yellow make?”, when they are mixed. The truth is that it depends on how much of each shade is used, so we will be taking a closer look at that. Keep reading to find out more!



What Color Does Black and Yellow Make?

The color that you end up with depends on the quantity of each hue used. Black mixed with yellow will most likely result in a dark olive-green color created by combining equal parts yellow and black. If more yellow is added than black, the color will be golden brown or mustard yellow. When more black is added than yellow, the effect is an earthy green or gray.

Black and Yellow Mixed Together

ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Black#0000000, 0, 0, 1000, 0, 0
Yellow#ffff000, 0, 100, 0225, 225, 0
Olive Green#8080000, 0, 100, 50128, 128, 0


Black and Yellow Mixed Together Gives You Different Results

So, you are likely wondering, “what happens when you blend black and yellow?”, this question is quite common, but there are different answers. This ultimately comes down to the amount of black and yellow that is added. We have provided a list of colors along with their ratios, which should make it easier for you to mix.

Black has the HEX code #000000 and yellow has a code of #FFFF00.

Black Mixed with Yellow

ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Titanium Yellow#e6e6000, 0, 90, 10230, 230, 0
Bitter Yellow#cccc000, 0, 80, 20204, 204, 0
Acid Green#b3b3000, 0, 70, 30179, 179, 0
Olive#9999000, 0, 60, 40153, 153, 0
Olive#8080000, 0, 50, 50128, 128, 0
Antique Bronze#6666000, 0, 40, 60102, 102, 0
Pullman Brown#4d4d000, 0, 30, 7077, 77, 0
Olive Drab #7#3333000, 0, 20, 8051, 51, 0
Smoky Black#1a1a000, 0, 10, 9026, 26, 0


Different Options from the Same Colors

Whenever two colors are mixed, a new shade known as a tint is formed. The amalgamation of yellow and black leads to the olive tone. The hue of olive is a dark yellowish-green, similar to the shade of the olive fruit. The precise shade of olive depends on the specific yellow and black hues chosen, as well as the ratio in which they are combined.

When yellow and black are exposed to light, they combine to form the color green. This is a case of subtractive color blending, which is the act of blending two or more pigments to create a third color. In this scenario, black and yellow pigments absorb particular wavelengths of light, reflecting green wavelengths.

Black Mixed with Yellow Shades

For mixing paints alongside other physical creative products, the RYB color system is employed. Many children are taught about it in painting school. It is a type of subtractive color blending, which implies that when colors are blended, wavelengths are eliminated. The primary hues in this color model are blue, yellow, and red.


Olive Green and Its Meaning

Olive green is a color associated with peace and harmony. However, it might have common connotations with green as well. Green, in general, indicates growth, security, and health. Green is a hue that energizes, balances, and inspires people who see it. It has numerous good connotations, including charity, optimism, and luck. It can have negative connotations like jealousy, materialism, as well as judgment. The precise meaning is determined by the kind of green and the situation at hand.

If you are wondering “what color does black and yellow make?”, olive is the closest color that can be identified.

Black Mixed with Yellow Paint



The Best Uses of a Black and Yellow Mix

Yellow and black create eye-catching patterns, as yellow and black complement each other nicely because black is bold and sinister, whilst yellow is energetic and bright. This color combination works well in advertisements and illustrations.

A yellow and black room decor communicates modernism and inventiveness. It works well if the yellow utilized is light so that the pattern is not dominating. Adding white to an already existing black and yellow motif may also assist in softening it.

Black Mixed with Yellow Decor

If you do not want the space’s design to stick out, simply utilize yellow or black on its own. In a nutshell, you should utilize just black or yellow in the layout. In general, black is a neutral hue that can be paired with practically any other color, although it works best in small amounts.

Yellow is a great pastel color that goes well with white, brown, orange, green, pink, and blue. Pairing yellow and black is a terrific choice for a dramatic and eye-catching design. The final hue might be a vibrant and energetic shade of green, creating a new appearance.


Since you were wondering “what color does black and yellow make?”, it can be a bit unusual to try and blend the two. However, there are a handful of beautiful colors that can be made by mixing different ratios of two colors that are completely different from one another. In case you are not going to mix them, these colors can also be used as a bold theme when decorating your home. Nevertheless, we hope that you have learned something new!




Frequently Asked Questions


Why Does Black Mixed With Yellow Make Green?

Black is a color that has more blue in it than red or yellow, which is why you will not end up with a dark yellow when yellow is mixed with black. Black and yellow mixed together will usually give you a pale shade of green.


Is It Possible to Lighten the Mixed Black and Yellow Color?

Of course! By adding enough white, you can lighten the unique shade of green. This will give you a modified version of olive green; however, you should remember that white is easily overpowered by other colors, so you will need to add a generous amount to get to the desired color.


How Can You Darken and Lighten Yellow?

There are different ways to darken yellow paint. Adding red will darken yellow while simultaneously warming it. Adding different shades of orange can also be used, but it will have a cooler effect. To lighten yellow paint, you can use light green, white, and gray to give you a lighter color.

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