Peach is Ideal for Bedrooms

Peach Color – How to Decorate With This Fruity Pastel

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What color is peach and what colors make peach? There are many shades of peach, from a light peach color to a darker peach. The peach color is named after the flesh of the fruit of the same name, and the vibrant hue makes one think of something lush and perfect, even to such a degree that when everything is going well in life, we say “it’s peachy!” Let us explore all there is to know about the peach color and check out the peach hex code and peach color code for all those interested in the technical side of the color.



An Introduction to the Color Peach

If you are wondering what color is peach, then you might be interested to know that the peach color can be described as pink with a tinge of orange, or orange with a tinge of yellow. Although the peach fruit can vary in color depending on how ripe it is, when referring to the peach color, it is the soft light pinkish skin inside that we talking about. Shades of peach are commonly used in cosmetics and dresses and are thought of to have a very feminine and delicate quality.

Various shades of peach are also often employed in interior designs.

peach color

The peach color has a very soothing effect. When one thinks about this color, images of breathtaking sunrises, summer days, and juicy fruit spring to mind. Pastel light peach colors are associated with warmth, sweetness, and friendliness. Shades of peach are associated with vitality, joy, energy, and creativity.

Peach Color for Joy and Creativity

Peach is especially good for use in interior design. Many people describe peaches as light yellow and pink. The majority of peach tones are warm pinkish-orange tones. Peach tones vary from peachy pink such as fresh peach, primarily pink peach such as Georgia peach, to an orange peach such as California peach, as well as predominately orange peach. Some shades of peach color are dusty or grayish in color, while others are browner in hue.

Many peach colors are comparable to coral, whereas others are light pastels.

Peach ShadePeach Hex CodeCMYK Peach Color CodeRGB Peach Color CodePeach Color
Peach#ffd79f0, 10, 30, 0100, 89, 70
Fresh Peach#f6b98a0, 25, 44, 4246, 185, 138
Georgia Peach#f972720, 54, 54, 2249, 114, 114
California Peach#fcbe6a0, 25, 58, 1252, 190, 106



The Meaning of the Peach Color

Peach is well-known for being an excellent color for communication, but it also has a strong influence on temperament and calmness. It’s a hue that shields you from unpleasant thoughts like sorrow and regret because it prevents us from feeling them. This color brings us back to our inner selves even under the darkest circumstances. Make use of the remarkable and stimulating benefits of the peach color daily to improve your mood.

For example, just by changing the color tone of an image to peach, you can infuse it with a calm dreamy quality.

Peach Flesh Color



Decorating With Peach

Interior designers are increasingly using peach. What colors make peach though? It is a color combination of oranges, yellows, and coral that allows you to create an endless range of design possibilities for your house or other settings. The color scheme of any interior has a strong influence on one’s well-being. Sleep in a calming peach color room for a sense of security and stability.

Peach is Ideal for Bedrooms

The brighter shades of peach help to promote a good mood, are joyful and enhance contentment. The color scheme is quite adaptable. Depending on the strength of the peach color chosen, it can fill the space with positive energy, resulting in a pleasant and romantic atmosphere.


If you prefer a more mature color than pink but still want a tinge of cake color, peach can be a suitable option. When combined with ghost white, gold, and black elements, it creates a soft color that exudes elegance and warmth. It also works well with gold, another 1980s style that has resurfaced in recent years. The warmer peach color is ideal for evoking a peaceful, romantic touch to a space. A carved wooden chair, heavy damask drapes, and a darker floor finish create a classy, soft, and rich aesthetic.

ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color CodeRGB Color CodeColor
Ghost White#f8f8ff3, 3, 0, 0248, 248, 255
Black#0000000, 0, 0, 1000, 0, 0
Gold#ffd7000, 16, 100, 0255, 215, 0


Peach Color with Yellow and Black

A muted peach color may be utilized to provide a neutral backdrop for your artwork. A peach couch with a white-colored living room motif may transform the look of the interiors. The addition of peach armchairs may also add refinement to the decor.

Restful Peach Living Room

For the appropriate balance, design a pleasant living room with peach color while introducing accent colors of cooler hues like greens (forest green), or grays such as slate gray. For the entrance area, neutral colors are common. Establish an inviting entrance for your homes by using peach color wall paint or coloring the front door in a soft peach color.

ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color CodeRGB Color CodeColor
Forest Green#228b2276, 0, 76, 4534, 139, 34
Slate Gray#77889922, 11, 0, 40119, 136, 153


Peach Interior with Green and Gray

The tranquility of peach color has the ability to create a bedroom that is both pleasant and elegant. Incorporate several shades of peach ranging from a darker peach color to a light peach color with tinges of red to make the area appear lively and inspiring.

A big bedroom created in a lighter pink or light peach color theme might be improved by adding a matching accent brick wall.

Peach Color with Blue and White

Soft shades of peach work nicely in the kitchen as well, whether utilized on the tiles, walls, or cabinets. A light peach background color wall might complement a nook shelf painted in a delicate gray tint. A silvery gray and peach hue wall paint mix complements a minimalist interior design style. For a new look, the light peach color might be the ideal choice for seating arrangements in a modern kitchen and dining room. This may be paired with white kitchen cabinetry to give the room a beautiful aesthetic appeal.

ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color CodeRGB Color CodeColor
Silvery Gray#C0C0C00, 0, 0, 25192,192,192


Peach and Blue-Gray Kitchen

Peach color wall paint works wonderfully with gold and other metallic elements in contemporary bathroom designs to give the environment a rich atmosphere. A white and peach color scheme for the walls is also a wonderful choice. A potential peach color concept for your bathroom decor could also incorporate a peach tub and matching tiles. Add tiles in juxtaposing chocolate brown tones to a piece of the wall to create a dynamic look.

This combination of peach and brown colors brings a classy touch to a modern bathroom environment.

ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color CodeRGB Color CodeColor
White#ffffff0, 0, 0, 0255, 255, 255
Chocolate Brown#41190060, 70, 70, 7065,25,0



Which Shades Harmonize With Peach Colors?

The peach color works well with numerous other colors and may enhance the grandeur and peacefulness of any area to a totally new level. Some of the best combinations for shades of peach include ash gray, denim blue, gold, and white. Gold and peach is a traditional color combination that adds a rich touch to any area and works well for special events such as weddings. Gray is a common design color, but a white and gray design often requires something else to give it life.

Shades of peach, a natural match for light gray tones, may bring warmth and vibrancy to a monochromatic home.

ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color CodeRGB Color CodeColor
White#ffffff0, 0, 0, 0255, 255, 255
Ash Gray#b2beb56, 0, 5, 25178,190,181
Gold#ffd7000, 16, 100, 0255, 215, 0
Denim Blue#2F647961, 17, 0, 5347, 100, 121
Copper#b873330, 38, 72, 28184, 115, 51


Colors to Use with Peach

You can use copper and peach together to add color accents to various objects in your home, such as vases and rugs. Blue is another great combination color for peach. For many people, the peach color has a very feminine aspect to it, while blue is said to be very masculine. So, by combining the two in your home, you can help create a sense of equilibrium and balance. White is yet another great option to combine with the peach color.

Both convey a sense of peace and calm, with the peach color adding a bit more life and cheerfulness to what could otherwise feel like a slightly sterile white environment.



The peach color is a gentle yet cheerful hue that can add a dash of light and positivity to your living area, art, or even clothing. It is considered to be a very feminine hue, as it is both lively yet calm, pure, and welcoming. Shades of peach can be added to many places in your home, providing your space with love, tranquility, and peace. It is the perfect color for a bedroom as you can easily fall asleep in its comforting and gentle hues. Now that you have learned what colors make peach, you can try mixing and matching them yourself and see what fits your space and lifestyle best. Enjoy this joyful color by adding it to your interior design, and don’t forget to have a peachy day!



Frequently Asked Questions


What Is the Peach Color Code?

Whether you would like to add peach color to your interior design or art, it helps to know the correct peach color codes. The peach hex code is #FFE5B4, and in case you would like to use a pinkish-peach, then you will need the peach pink color code, which is #F98B88. With these codes, you can go to any paint store and get the exact color you require.


What Color Is Peach?

If you would like to know what colors make peach, then all you need to do is mix some orange with some red. After that, you can adjust the color slightly to make the various shades of pink by adding another color. If you add a bit of yellow, then you will get brighter shades of peach, and if you mix in some white, you will get a light peach color. With these shades of peach, you can decorate your home to create a vibrant, cheerful yet tranquil environment that is simply perfect for your living spaces.

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